3D Touch 3D printer

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The created by ‘Bits from Bytes’ and it has found good use in homes as well as teaching or instruction environments such as classrooms. This 3D printer is housed properly which serves as a great safety measure. It has a clear acrylic housing, so everything happens in front of your eyes. Because of the clear design you will be able to witness the creation of your design into plastic models. The 3D Touch is capable of printing multicolor objects.

The maximum dimensions of the 3D print are approximately 8 x 10.8 x 10.8 inches. It has minimum thickness layer of about 0.1mm and a maximum thickness layer of about 0.125 mm. Although the 3D Touch is capable of printing multicolor objects but it only comes with a single print head which means that it can print only one color at a time. But if you want to print two different colors at the same time, you can also use dual head extruder instead of single head. The 3D Touch supports both PLA and ABS filament plastics but does not arrive with a heated platform.

As we know that the 3D Touch’s housing is made of clear acrylic, which provides safety as well as transparency. We can actually see, what is happening inside of it and therefore it can serve well in learning and instructional environments. Students can actually see the printer working and creating the 3D models. The 3D Touch is very big as compared to other 3D printers with dimensions of 23.6 x 23.6 x 27.5 inches. Because of its big size, it is quite heavy and weighs around 84 pounds which means, it is almost immobile and cannot be shifted much from place to place on regular basis.

On ordering the 3D Touch, you will receive a USB cable, a power supply, and a memory device with the printer. The memory device contains all the information regarding the printer setup. You will also get a toolkit which includes materials that can be used for the printer’s maintenance. The USB cable provides connection with the computer but it is not the only source. You can also transfer files to the printer using a flash drive that plugs into the 3D touch printer. However this machine does not support Wi-Fi and hence cannot connect through wireless connection.

One of the best things about the touch 3D printer is that the company provides a massive one-year warranty on its purchase. This is the biggest warranty; you are going to get from any of the 3D printer companies. You can also contact the Bits from Bytes via email and telephone for customer and technical support. You can also benefit from the list of FAQs from the company website or join an online forum for latest information and technical support.

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