Afinia H-Series 3d printer

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The Afinia H-Series offers its user with a unique printing experience. This printer requires no hardware assembly and is ready for printing. Unlike some other 3D printers, the base plate might not have much space which restrains the size of your model to 5.5 inches. However, you can apply any color filament you want for creating versatile model and toys. You will also get a 3D printing design software and you don’t have to purchase it separately.
Once you have started printing, you can disconnect the USB cable. It will have no effect on the print output which means that this printer can work in standalone mode. Like other 3D printers, the kit also contains the natural white filament and you can buy variety of color filaments, even color changing filaments on their website. You would love to see the variety of colors that they have on their website.
It prints at a speed of 30 mm per second. This speed is not as much as other 3D printers offer but the variety of projects that you can create with such a small device is something that should be appreciated. The Afinia-H uses the standard ABS and PLA filaments that are available in variety of colors.
The overall design of the Afinia-H seems immaculate with a strong casing outside which comprise of steel polished brown that offers a well cultured look. The printer is light in weight and weighs only 11 pounds which means; it can be held anywhere and can be shifted from home to office and back to home easily. It will also occupy less space on a desk owing to its smaller size which is just 9 inches.
On the other hand, the Afinia-H has its drawbacks. Safety factor has not been dealt with properly in the current design. The plate becomes extremely hot during the print and it is important for printing purpose that the plate heats up. You would have to extra careful while sneaking up your hands into the printer, to avoid them from getting burnt. Safety instructions are prescribed in the manual and should be read before first operation of the printer.
The good thing is that the printing software is provided within the kit. This saves you for paying extra money for the purchase of the software. The USB cable and the power supply cable are also provided with kit. With the help of the USB cable you can connect your printer to your computer and send print command. Unfortunately, this is the only way for connecting you printer to the computer as the printer does not support Wi-Fi. Other materials included in the kit are a putty knife, an X-Acto knife, pliers and tweezers.

The company has provided just one-year warranty on all parts of the Affine-H 3D printer. You can also contact them via phone and email mentioned on their website. As more people make use of this printing technology, the online customer support will also increase.

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