Airwolf 3D XL printer

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The Airwolf 3D XL serves as a great choice when searching for a 3D printer. It is fully assembled and comes with all the useful parts that allow you to start creating models and prints right away. You will love to know that this printer is available in a variety of colors.

The AW3D is fast and prints a medium sized object in a matter of 12 minutes but we have to keep this in mind that this rate depends on the specific setting of the printer and on the property of the object, whether it is solid or hollow. This device does not support average 1.75mm filament, rather it uses 3mm filament. You don’t have to buy this filament from Airwolf 3D therefore you have the option to choose between 10 different colors. But there is a limitation that you can only print with one color at a time. One more useful fact is that this printer supports variety of filaments which include nylon, plastic and wood composite.

The size of the printer is about 2,324 cubic inches and is lightweight, weighing only 18 pounds. The printer itself is available in a variety of colors and has an approximate lead-time of 14 days. You can finally choose the color of your liking. The print size of AW3D is much larger than any of the other available 3D printers and is about 7 x 12 x 8 inches.

Print Tolerance is a term used by the industry to express the ability of the printer to produce tiny details. In case of AW3D, print tolerance is about 0.04 millimeters, which means that this printer can print any 3D model with the tiniest details. Air wolf puts a lot of time in assembling and testing of its printers before they are shipped out and this fact has to be appreciated, because it means that the printer is ready to develop your prints as soon as it arrives and requires no extra assembly but little maintenance is still required.
The printer kit includes a power supply cable and a USB cable. It also includes a flash drive, containing the printing software. You will need this software to manage settings of the printer and also give print commands from the computer. Furthermore, you can try out your new machine as soon as it arrives because AW3D XL kit includes an extra one pound ABS filament. The USB cable provides connectivity with computer. The flash drive can also serve this purpose by transferring files from computer to printer. However, this printer is not Wi-Fi ready and has no SD card support.

Airwolf provides six-month warranty for their 3D printer. Customers can get help by visiting the company’s website. The website maintains FAQs and the users can get help from them. They also maintain a blog where you can also get valuable information about this 3D printing technology.

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