Asterid 1100 3d printer

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The Asterid 1100 is for our power users. it’s all the offered choices included!

The Asterid 1100 takes our base model and adds a sensible controller show digital graphics display with SD card reader, it replaces the ability resistance within the hot finish with a heater cartridge and it adds a PCB heated bed. The good controller show digital display permits the user to manage and print from the 3D printer while not the requirement of a laptop bound to the printer (a laptop is still required to slice models into G-code). The heater cartridge heats up quicker than the ability resistance and successively can regain heat lost a lot of quickly. A heated bed helps scale back ABS warpage by keeping the model at or higher than the warmth deflection temperature. A heated bed conjointly assists in adhering the half to the build surface. additionally to the good controller, the heater cartridge and heated bed the Asterid 1100 conjointly upgrades the print surface to salt glass that provides a extremist flat build surface that features a terribly low thermal growth constant. A flat print surface helps bring home the bacon world category results from a 3D printer owing to the very fact that the primary layer is totally uniform. With 3 resolution settings (extra fine, fine and course) and a humongous 512 cubage unit build volume, our Asterid 1100 desktop 3D printer is that the simplest, quickest and most price effective tool offered for creating quality 3D models.


Standard Features:

• Build volume 8″ x 8″ x 8″

• digital display good Controller with SD card reader for computer-free 3D printer management

• Heater Cartridge hot finish component

• Uses 1.75mm plastic filament (ABS or PLA recommended)

• sturdy extruded Al and wood frame with inbuilt filament spool holder

• totally assembled & tested

• Heated salt glass build surface

• 240W power provide

• Open style (no outer cowl or door provided)

• coordinate axis ACME lead screws commonplace

• X and coordinate axis utilize GT2 temporal order belts for top potency and low backlash


• ASCII text file package equipped on CD and downloadable from our web site, please see our how-to guides on a way to Install the package

All printers can ship with a package CD, however the package is additionally offered to transfer via your web association.

• totally designed Pronterface and Slic3r package that uses stereolithography (.STL) files as input

• we tend to provide package for Windows computers, however open supply package for the macintosh & UNIX is out there


What’s within the box?

• Plastic Scribbler Asterid Desktop 3D Printer, totally assembled & tested

• package CD

• USB Cable

Tech Specs:

• amalgamate Filament Fabrication (FFF)

• Ramps v1.4 Motherboard

• Physical dimensions: eighteen.625″ x 18.625″ x 18.625″ (L x W x H)

• Extruder moves within the vertical plane (Z-X), build platform moves within the horizonal plane (X-Y)

• Spring loaded intermeshed extruder with .4mm nozzle

• ABS filament suggested, however extruding PLA or different thermoplastics is feasible.

• Power provide works on each United States voltage (115VAC) or European voltage (230VAC).

• .4mm nozzle diameter (replaceable nozzle)

• All metal hot-end

• Epocs NTC 100k a hundred and twenty fifth semiconductor unit used on each hotend and HBP

Layer Height:

• three layer height settings: .3mm, .2mm, .1mm (other layer heights possible)


• Full thirty day a refund guarantee. If you are sad with the acquisition of your 3D printer for no matter reason, simply come it for a full refund. All you pay is come shipping.


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