Bi edition 3D Printer

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This kit includes the foremost vital elements needed to create your own urban center Bi edition 3D Printer. All the electrical elements, bonkers and bolts, bearing and plastic elements ar enclosed. Most of the natural philosophy, bearings, bonkers and bolts ar common to plenty of 3D printers, therefore this kit is additionally an honest start line for your own urban center styles.

***This kit needs attachment, exactness assembly, associate degree understanding of electronic elements, specialised tools, safety measures, to a small degree of improvisation and also the spirit of associate degree experimenter. it’s not meant for beginners in any of those disciplines. winning 3D printing won’t be out of the box. associate degree assembly guide for the urban center Bi edition can shortly be printed and as time progresses, we are going to attempt to publish a lot of documentation and alter the look to form this kit a lot of accessible.**

Whats Included?

• Entire Set of 3D written elements for the urban center Bi Edition style

• 1 x Arduino Mega 2560 V3

• one x RAMPS 1.4

• 4 x A4988 Motor Controller with sink

• 3 x Endstop Switches

• 2 x EPCOS Thermistors

• 3 x High Output Cooling Fan

• 1 x Non-Conducive Ceramic screwdriver

• 1 x 3D Printer Wire kit canned leads including:

o 5 x two Pin semiconductor / Coolin Fan Cables (1 meter long)

o 8 x three Pin Endstop Switches Cables (1 meter long)

o 7 x four Pin Nema seventeen Motor Cables

• 1 x SD Card Reader

• 1 x 12V DC 29A 348W Regulated Power offer

• 4 x High torsion NEMA seventeen Motor (12 V – one.7 A)

• 1 x MK2A Heatbed (214 metric linear unit x 214 mm)

• 1 x J-Head Hotend zero.4 metric linear unit Nozzle / one.75 metric linear unit Filament

• 6 x LM8UU Linear needle bearing

• 1 x five metric linear unit Brass Filament Drive Gear

• 7 x Single-Row 608ZZ Bearing

• 1 x urban center Bi V1.0 Fasteners Pack

• 1 x Flat Plug Power Socket Outlet with Switch

• 1 x vi foot cable (3 Prong)

• 1 x vi foot USB two.0 Cable

• 1/2 4mm OD / 2mm ID Teflon tube

Whats Not Included?

• 8 metric linear unit or 5/16″ Rods for the delta towers

• Framing – Either wood or a fabric of your selection

• No Stretch Spectra Line

• Glass pane – To level the print bed

• Tools – For the assembly

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