Deltaprintr 3d printer (kickstarter)

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The Deltaprintr could be a fresh strive against economical, high-resolution 3D printing. Take your styles to innovative heights!

We designed the Deltaprintr to be straightforward, efficient, and reasonable.We wish as many folks as doable to be able to get their hands on this exciting new expertise while not having to sacrifice quality or user-friendliness.

Why Deltaprintr?

SIMPLE – employing a 3D Printer should not be a problem. we tend to designed our printer so it needs lowest set-up, and then that there is effectively no semipermanent maintenance. We’ll be shipping each printer with a construction manual (pictures!) to induce you up and running in no time.

EFFICIENT – The co-ordinate system permits for quicker movements (than those of ancient Cartesians printers) whereas achieving a one hundred metric linear unit resolution.

AFFORDABLE – as a result of a Deltaprintr style does not want as several elements as alternative 3D printers, we are able to pass the savings on to you.

About the Deltaprintr

The Deltaprintr uses 3 stepper motors, placed beneath the acrylic build platform, to regulate the carriages that move the hot-end. each the drive reels and also the bearings that the carriages ride on square measure factory-made via high-precision CNC machining.

The Deltaprintr’s CNC’ed drive reels

The lowest carriage style permits you to easily slide the assembled carriage onto the extruded atomic number 13 beams while not having to create any changes. The Deltaprintr conjointly uses 65lb Spectra cord rather than pricy belts to regulate the carriages. The Spectra line conjointly makes it straightforward to expand the build volume – all you wish to try to to is purchase longer atomic number 13 extrusions, that value a couple of bucks.

Custom laser-cut carriages

Every printer are fitted with associate degree automatic standardization probe, guaranteeing that prints follow the bed and do not warp once printing. additionally, each printer also will go with associate degree show LCD digital display and a compact sixty Watt laptop-style power offer.

Benefits of a Deltaprintr

• Faster speeds

• 100 metric linear unit resolution

• Automatic standardization – no a lot of manual standardization

• Ease of use and assembly

• Easy & expandable print volume

• PLA plastic – perishable and food safe

• LCD and American state card enclosed

• Compact power offer




Deltaprintr booklet

Deltaprintr specifications

Getting ongoing Guide

We’re already occupied on associate degree assembly manual so backers will look it over before their Deltaprintr comes within the mail.For those new 3D printing, we’ll take care to steer you thru the package finish of things too.

We perceive that 3D printing could appear overwhelming to beginners however it’s very not that bad! we tend to’ll have a lot of elaborate directions on making your 1st 3D print on our web site once the campaign ends.

“Getting Started show” for the Deltaprintr



World Maker Faire Empire State 2013

We attended World Maker Faire Empire State this past September and had a blast. due to everybody United Nations agency closed by our booth, we tend to were inundated by the support and excitement!

Supporters linguistic communication up to receive updates and to seek out out once we launch!

youngsters finding out the cool prints


Why Kickstarter?

We’re here as a result of we tend to would not be able to flip our plan into a reality while not initial funding. the economic grade machinery we’d like is dear stuff. manufacturing these printers at an occasional value needs USA to position massive orders to our makers, thus we’re turning to you guys!


About Deltaprintr

Shai Schechter – “Highly capable and intended, Shai is presently majoring in graphic style with a minor in business at SUNY Purchase faculty. He’s the technical school guru behind the Deltaprintr and was the propulsion behind this project’s origination. once he is not engaged on this project, he’s employed as a contract internet designer.” – Andrey

Andrey Kovalev – “A student at the university faculty of Engineering and a habitual tinkerer, Andrey brings a passion for potency and innovation to life along with his contributions to our project. He encompasses a keen eye for detail within the realm of mechanical style, a active understanding of pertinent business ideas, and a wicked jumper.” – Yasick

Yasick Nemenov – “Yasick could be a student at Williams faculty learning political economy and mathematics. He encompasses a hang for numbers and his steering has helped drive the business and monetary aspects of this project. Yasick’s logic has been helpful at each stage of development. he’s conjointly an obsessive rock-climber. in some unspecified time in the future he hopes to 3D print a rock.” – Eugene

Eugene Sokolov – “Eugene is presently a student of engineering science at university in big apple town. He has active expertise in circuit style and helps with the electrical aspects of the printer. except for engaged on this project, he’s a software engineer and a proficient athlete. He hopes on evaluation an aim with this project.” – Shai

Thanks and Acknowledgements

While we’ve spent an excellent deal of your time and energy coming up with, rising and prototyping the Deltaprintr, we tend to could not have done it while not the assistance of those fellow manufacturers, developers and friends.

• Hunter McKane (the newest addition to the Deltaprintr team!)

• Nick Foley

• Johann Rocholl

• Ravi Rajan

• Steve Graber

• Eric Wildrick

• Skyler king

• The RepRap project

• Slic3r

• Repetier

Risks and challenges

Before launching this Kickstarter, we tend to created certain to get our provision found out. We’ve done intensive analysis to create certain that production goes as swimmingly as doable and that we have by now got international and domestic suppliers looking ahead to USA to transfer the required funds to them. However, similar to with any Kickstarter project, delays or minor mishaps square measure invariably a break. We’ll attempt to keep them at a minimum and, if something will appear, we’ll take care to stay you guys updated.



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