H-1-1 3D printer kit

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The particular H-1-1 3D printer kit is really a re-design of genuine H-1 Huxley. Created to speed up and easily simplify set up, improve exactness out of the container, and enhance the general style of the H-series ink jet printers. It consist of each and every enthusiast and bolt, more than 150 Under the initial H-1, the entire extruder, all the shot molded plastic material items, linear clean rods, threaded rods as well as anything else required to possess a device assembled. To construct your device to utilize Mach3 CNC software program with parallel slot controller and separate heat manage or even more conventional UltiMachine available supply Rambo electronics are usually supply the corporation.

They’re also delivering you an additional initial in the 3d publishing globe, a hot-end that may utilize possibly 1. 75 or even 3mm filament! The corporation supplies you with the Teflon liner to work it in either case, and just unscrewing the particular nozzle and also slipping in a various liner tube, as well as loosening one bolt and slipping the extruder more than models you up for that additional dimension!



While the recognized assembly guide continues to be in the functions, make sure you research these types of documents to get began on the construct. Having a correct starting to the H-1. 1 construct, all of those other device may be finished with regards to the H1 guide.

Features of H-1-1 3D printer kit

  • All injection shaped plastic components
  • All stainless equipment
  • “Steve’s Extruder” right now in Difficult Nylon components to avoid warping/cracking
  • Heating Resistors as well as Thermistor
  • Includes. 020″ (. 5mm) hole size nozzle regular with Hot-End
  • build quantity 6″ X 6″ By 6″
  • The general dimension of the device is actually appx19. 5″ by 14. 5″ by 14″Tall

Here is what you ought to total your H-1-1 package if you don’t select one of our electronics deals:

  • 4 NEMA 17 Stepper engines
  • Electronics manage regarding steppers and hot-end/heated mattress (Either provide your own, or even select our from our Mach3 Bundle or even Rambo Package)
  • Power Provide (ATX PSU with possibly our Mach3 or even Rambo packages)
  • Software regarding managing the actual printer as well as producing the actual Geode
  • Basic hand resources, Phillips screwdriver, cable strippers and soldering resources
  • If you are going to utilize Mach3, you’ll need a permit for that software program that we can supply as well.

There are 2 packages of H-1-1 kit. In the following is given below:


Mach3 Electronics Program (Package)

If you wish to work your printer utilizing Mach3 CNC software program, or even Linux NC’s EMC2, pick the Mach3 program, and some tips about what you will get with that choice.

  • 4-axis parallel interface stepper controller panel
  • Velleman separate heat controller for that hot-end
  • 450w ATX power
  • 4 NEMA 17 stepper engines

Rambo Program (Package)

If you’d instead work your printer along with 100% Free-Open-Source Equipment and software program, then pick the Rambo package choice, and some tips about what you will get with this.

  • 450w ATX power
  • 4 NEMA 17 stepper engines.



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