hand-held point-and-shoot, full color 3D scanner Fuel3D (kickstarter)

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The world’s initial hand-held point-and-shoot, full color 3D scanner obtainable for beneath $1,000. kindle your creativity!

Leading 3D creative person Joshua Harker’s Fuel3D cowl in development


We ar delighted to reveal our special edition Joshua Harker designed protect the Fuel3D, you’ll be able to back this pledge level nowadays right here on Kickstarter. Click here to look at in Sketchfab.


1) facilitate America reach $250,000 and that we can embody stand mounting capability to Fuel 3D along side computer remote triggering with all Fuel3D units. ACHIEVED !!

2) facilitate America reach 350 units of the Fuel3D and MeshUp bundle and that we can add painless automatic merging of multiple scans to make single unified model. UPDATE: we tend to ar currently going to develop this package feature in time for the merchandise launch, no matter whether or not we tend to meet the stretch goal or not. scan our latest update on this.

While this will be done currently by manually exploitation MeshUp or alternative tools, reckoning on the scan and desired results, it will need your time and energy. touch this goal can enable America to vow the delivery of a ‘state of the art’ automatic registration and handicraft advancement seamlessly integrated into MeshUp.

The Fuel3D hand-held scanner

3D is booming… whether or not within the worlds of diversion, making, or art, the demand for 3D is ever-increasing. however generating top quality 3D pictures to be used in 3D printing or diversion is usually long and costly. A hand-held 3D scanner nowadays will price upwards of $15,000, valuation them well higher than what most freelance game developers, designers and artists will afford.




That’s why we’re here on Kickstarter.

We have developed the Fuel3D hand-held scanner, a point-and-shoot 3D imaging system that captures very high resolution mesh and color data of objects. Fuel3D is that the world’s initial 3D scanner to mix pre-calibrated stereo cameras with mensuration imaging to capture and method files in seconds.

And, most significantly of all, at a Kickstarter value for beneath $1000 the Fuel3D prices but one tenth of the value of its nearest business rival.

The Fuel3D scanner works in abundant an equivalent means as a traditional photographic camera – virtually purpose and shoot! However it shouldn’t be confused with the patron 3D cameras obtainable nowadays.

The Fuel3D camera is considerably additional advanced.

When we say 3D, we tend to mean our system resolves a totally 3D surface consisting of an oversized range of physical and color measurements. These will then be viewed from any direction, edited, and used as supply material for 3D printing or for on-screen manipulation.

Check out the portfolio page on our web site – you’ll be able to transfer actual scan files in .STL .OBJ and .PLY formats. Go play – we predict you’ll like it!

So what am i able to use Fuel3D for?

Fuel3D are often employed by anyone United Nations agency desires the power to quickly produce 3D models.Whether or not you’re a part of the maker movement, concerned in mass personalization, a game developer, animator, 3D creative person or the other style of inventive developer United Nations agency uses 3D, Fuel3D may be a tool for you.

Fuel 3D notably excels within the capture of objects and surfaces including:

• Skin e.g. faces and body elements

• Fabrics

• Organic subjects e.g. plants, leaves

• Stone, masonry, brick, wood

• Food

• Artwork, e.g. rough-textured paintings, statues

The following 3D scans were smitten our current purposeful model.Within the final product which will be obtainable through Kickstarter, the core technical elements can stay an equivalent therefore the knowledge quality are going to be identical.

3D scan pictures smitten our Fuel3D purposeful model

How we tend to happened

The Fuel3D technology was originally developed at Oxford University to be used during a 3D medical imaging system that has currently been with success utilized in hospitals across the globe. Fuel3D Inc. has currently been established to more develop this underlying 3D imaging technology into the world’s initial actually reasonable high resolution hand-held color 3D scanner. Here’s however we tend to got here:

• Feb 2005 – faculty member Ron Daniel Lecturer in branch of knowledge at Oxford University and James Patterson (finishing his PhD) comply with collaborate and file their initial patent

• Aug 2006 – Ron and Jamie’s new venture is spun out of Oxford University

• Sep 2007 – determined to target medical applications (wound care) and developed initial device exploitation off-the shelf cameras and flashes stuck beside duct tape!

• Oct 2009 – initial purposeful Alpha epitome results in NHS and VC funding, company growth

• July 2011 – Pre-production Beta camera discharged to clinical collaborators

• 2012/13 – Medical product currently in use in twenty five GB national health clinics, with alternative deployments within the U.S., France, Denmark, Australia and Asian nation

• January 2013 – the shortage of reasonable, quality 3D scanning choices for the burgeoning 3D market leads writer Crossland, to advocate a coffee value general purpose 3D scanner supported well-tried medical technology

• March 2013 – Fuel3D, the hand held scanner for underneath $1000 is planned

• June 2013 – Fuel3D Iraqi National Congress. is established to develop Fuel3D hand-held scanner for non-medical market

• Aug 2013 – Fuel3D operating purposeful epitome launched on Kickstarter

• (Future) might 2014 – initial Fuel3D devices delivered to early bird Kickstarter pledgers

The on top of sequence shows a range of prototypes and ideas that have light-emitting diode to the Fuel3D scanner. The black model (lower centre position) is our purposeful epitome.

What we’re planning to do

We have already developed a totally operating epitome scanner, along with your help we are able to perform the ultimate engineering work to lower the part prices to change U.S. to supply Fuel3D from underneath $1000 here on Kickstarter, and more develop our software system to form access to our top quality 3D knowledge as straightforward as doable. By reaching our goal here on Kickstarter, we are able to do that.

We believe we tend to ar giving an unbelievable worth for a 3D scanner, significantly one that comes with the pliability and easy use of being hand-held and may conjointly generate high-resolution, high-quality, full color true 3D pure mathematics.

Internal read of purposeful epitome

Key parts of Fuel3D (left to right): main PCB, flash reflector module, stereo optics assembly

Product style

The product shown in our video is that the operating purposeful epitome we’ve got nowadays. the ultimate product are quite completely different in style and smaller in size. We’ve conjointly enclosed some product style graphics to point out you wherever we’re going with the ultimate product.


Technical stuff

When you take an image on a traditional 3D mobile or photographic camera you’re employing a technique called stereoscopic imaging. This uses 2 camera viewpoints, one for every eye, to show a “3D” image on a stereoscopic screen that provides the impression of depth.

In distinction, the core technology behind Fuel3D fuses geometric and measurement stereo 3D recovery techniques and is finely tuned to capture high resolution 3D color pictures. This raw capability provides the chance for Associate in Nursing object to be captured in true 3D pure mathematics and full color. The technology is additionally inherently smart at capturing alternative extremely unsmooth surfaces, each organic and inorganic.

Once an attempt has been taken on the Fuel3D scanner the raw image knowledge is regenerate into true 3D color geometrical knowledge by our own software system, that is enclosed with the Fuel3D scanner. To run the Fuel3D software system, you may want an inexpensive specification pc (Mac, Windows seven or higher, 2GB RAM, dual-core processor).

Our software system generates a 3D color file and permits some basic written material practicality before export:

• Trimming of unessential areas

• Adjusting the resolution for export, successively reducing the polygonal shape range for easier handling

• Exporting in unremarkably used 3D file formats, including .OBJ .STL and .PLY with color

Output resolution from Fuel3D varies with the gap of the system to the topic. the most effective realizable resolution is about a 250 metric linear unit sampling. to produce a sign of information accuracy, Associate in Nursing object best-known to be flat (-/+ zero.25mm) was imaged many times at the minimum realizable resolution (i.e. the best distance from the Fuel3D scanner). an artificial plane was then fitted to the information and error bounds calculated as distances from the plane. Results were as follows:


For more product specifications and alternative technical data please click here to transfer our technical summary.

A full 3D answer

At Fuel3D we tend to ar specializing in providing the most effective doable knowledge quality achieved at the foremost accessible worth. looking on what you wish to try to to within the 3D world you may in all probability want another technology to create your full answer. Here ar one or two of suggestions from us:

Software – several third party software system packages ar on the market for more 3D processing on the far side the fundamental tools you get with Fuel3D. we’ve got seen some very exciting things through with 3D scan knowledge in MeshUp software system from Uformia, another Kickstarter success story, therefore we’ve got buddied-up with them to supply a restricted range of Fuel3D scanners at the side of a MeshUp license for under $1090! The Uformia team ar delighted with Fuel3D’s knowledge quality and the way straightforward it’s to figure with in their software system.

3D printing – like software system there ar a large number of 3D printers on the market. Recently 2 very exciting merchandise came to fame right here on Kickstarter! the shape one 3D printer from Formlabs produces high-resolution, high-quality prints that capture the full-detail of the Fuel3D. Pirate 3D’s Buccaneer produces cheap ABS prints, that permit you to make scans simply. we are in discussions with each makers and hope to bring you positive news concerning technical and business collaborations.


Additionally to those technical collaborations we are operating closely with London primarily based iMakr


iMakr is an internet store commerce a good vary of 3D printers and materials, 3D art and 3D scanners and conjointly operates the globe largest 3D Printing store over two floors in central London. “Using a typical 3D scanner to capture a picture will take a protracted time and needs the topic to stay terribly still,” aforementioned Sylvain Preumont, founding father of iMakr. “With Fuel3D, you may be ready to merely click one button to capture a awfully top quality 3D model of your subject in mere a number of seconds. Mix this with the unimaginable worth they’re commerce it for and Fuel3D makes U.S. terribly excited!”

The competition

Many different forms of 3D scanner ar on the market nowadays, with costs starting from a number of hundred, up to many thousands of greenbacks, every with completely different capabilities and limitations. we tend to believe that Fuel3D’s flexibility, quality and low worth purpose offers U.S. a singular position within the market and may be a instruction for success… the table below outlines our key benefits against the opposite main forms of scanner.

Scan knowledge comparison: Fuel3D on the left and Kinect (aligned however un-merged meshes) on the correct

Fuel3D edition T-shirt and sculpture of Fuel3D face scan

Risks and challenges study responsibleness on Kickstarter

Development Risk

The development of the Fuel3D scanner is low-risk. The Fuel3D development program is basically a re-configuration of a longtime technology that has already been with success deployed in high-end medical applications. The objectives of the re-configuration ar: scale back to cut back value whereas maintaining current system performance; reduce product size and weight; ‘tether’ the device to a PC/Mac thus pictures are mechanically exported for processing; and removal of medical regulative needed options and unnecessary parts.

The practical model shown within the video has had several of the desired modifications already created. it’s not within the final kind, we’ve engineering diagrams that show the layout of all the remaining parts that may be required within the final product. This format has to be market tested so as to make sure its quality.

Manufacturing arrange

Fuel3D can use a specialised source producing partner to assemble the ultimate product. we tend to ar already talking with many sure firms and can shortly build a judicial decision regarding that partner we’ll proceed with. The success of this producing program is thus not dependent on new production capabilities and facilities being developed by Fuel3D directly. The source manufacture facilities being thought-about all focus on operating with technologies like Fuel3D, and have already been tested extremely capable, thus producing risk is decreased .

The following key points define what has been accomplished thus far and what’s still needed within the producing plan:


1. Take associate degree existing medical device, take away the non essential medical connected things

2. manufacture software system that removes the medical specific application together with secret writing

3. Take a good vary of pictures and check practicality of system

4. Prove system performs ar needed accuracy level

5. Develop trimming computer code and trim a range of pictures

6. Export files to third party computer code, Meshup and Meshlab

7. produce full 360 3D models in third party computer code

8. Check water tightness of pictures and quality for planned applications

9. 3D print a range of pictures or import into games development setting

10. Go, no-go call on style

11. manufacture a final bill of materials (BoM) to validate evaluation

12. In pro-engineer assemble BoM into a planned style

Still to complete

13. check product demand on Kickstarter

14. Appoint final manufacturer to assemble new product

15. manufacture beta hardware of ultimate Fuel3D style

16. check Beta hardware

17. Modify hardware as applicable

18. Manufacture 1st batch for Kickstarter customers

Our computer code development, additionally to the practicality careful higher than, needs testing and developing for the Fuel3D platform:

1. Gather the exiting computer code functions into associate degree integrated suite that enables swish capture, manipulation and export (in common formats together with .STL, .PLY, .OBJ) pictures

2. Develop more algorithms that broaden the quality of the system to capture scans of different objects

3. Add support for mack OS

4. Optimize algorithms/software for revised Fuel-3D hardware


One of a young company’s greatest challenges is usually its individuals, however Fuel3D brings along associate degree knowledgeable team, together with the conceiver of the core technology, Prof. Bokkos Daniel of Oxford University, United Nations agency is serving because the company’s technical consultant. The management team consists of extremely qualified people and between them have nice strength comprehensive, that is supported by qualifications and accolades, together with a winner of the MacRobert Award, the UK’s most prestigious award for engineering, winner of 2 Queen’s Awards for Enterprise, that acknowledge outstanding action by Great Britain businesses, furthermore as a three-time contender for Scottish enterpriser of the Year.

We have the experience in-house to complete this project, and build Fuel3D a reality.

Stephen Crossland, Chief promoting Officer & Kickstarter project leader

Stephen joined the Fuel3D team in 2013 transferral seven years of sales and promoting expertise from a Fortune five hundred company within the medical trade. A graduate of American state University, author antecedently in hand associate degreed ran an natural philosophy consultation and installation business. author features a passion for 3D and is very actuated to create the U.S. market an enormous success.

Stuart Mead, CEO Fuel3D

Stuart features a 25-year history in troubled technology and could be a senior sales and promoting professional. He was business executive of multi-award winning medical specialty company, bit applied science and learnt start-up at biopharmaceuticals manufacturer Excell Biotech. antecedently he was a senior manager in each Kodak Clinical medicine and Johnson & Johnson. As a former skilled motorsport racer Stuart loves the speed of quick firms like Fuel3D.

Dr. James Paterson, CTO

James is co-founder and co-inventor of the technology underlying Fuel3D. James left Oxford University to figure for the corporate full-time once finishing his D. Phil in Engineering. He has authored various patents and publications and has crystal rectifier the event and delivery of the technical aspects of the corporate since its origin. Jamie has lived and breathed 3D scanning for seven years; he dreams of 3D sheep!

Prof. Ron Daniel

Ron Daniel could be a University Lecturer in applied science at Oxford University, and Fellow and Tutor in Engineering at Brasenose faculty, Oxford. he’s co-founder of Fuel3D. In 2006 he was nonappointive as a member of the University’s Audit and Scrutiny Committee. Ron’s experience and mien provides a wonderful balance to Fuel3D’s energetic and perfervid team.




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