Kossel Clear delta 3D printer (kickstarter)

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An easy to assemble, practical nonetheless aesthetic, cost-efficient delta 3D printer for 3D printer fans!

We area unit Blue Eagle Labs and that we area unit immense fans of 3D printers. For the past six months, we’ve been acting on our rendition of the delta printer, the Kossel Clear. The Kossel Clear are going to be a well-liked, viable, and thought delta printer various for 3D printer fans. we’ve designed our printer with the first-time builder in mind. Blue Eagle Labs are going to be there to support you as you start your 3D printer journey!

The Kossel Clear offers the subsequent main advantages:

• Complete Build Documentation: For the first time builder, creating your own delta 3D printer might sound to be a frightening task thanks to the Brobdingnagian quantity of knowledge that must be gathered. For the Kossel Clear, we’ve corralled and condensed the whole build instruction in straightforward to grasp and simple to follow educational HD videos which can be announce on our web site and Youtube channel as shortly as we tend to get funded. we are going to additionally embrace commonplace build image documentation in every Kossel Clear unit.

• Simplified Build: We’ve taken steps to confirm a straightforward, sensible, and systematic build. All acrylic elements area unit numbered from bottom to prime, and area unit simply documented within the educational videos. No ruler or measure tape are going to be required, no elements ought to be hand cut. As long as all the elements lay flush on one another, the build are going to be precise.Moreover, we’ve tested our printer’s build method with a gaggle of initial time 3D printer builders.We tend to used their feedback to create the Kossel Clear as straightforward to create as doable.

• Affordable: value may be a immense issue. we tend to believe that to create delta 3D printers a lot of widespread, it must be cheap similarly. to stay prices low, we:

1. Use as several readily-available, off-the-peg elements as doable.

2. Manufacture as several in-house elements as doable – we’ve atiny low producing setup that consists of CNC mill, CNC lathe, CNC router, optical device engraver/cutter, ANd an injection molding machine for the aim of domestic producing and R&D.

3. supply physical science and alternative specialised elements directly from the manufactory – Cut the middleman! Let’s go on to the factories! – this is often wherever you are available in. we’d like your facilitate, Kickstarter, to garner most take pleasure in volume discounts.

About the Kossel Clear

Our Kossel Clear may be a delta kind threeD printer that uses 3 stepper motors to manage the kinematically coupled effector for movement within the x,y,z axis. Deltas area unit best-known for quicker and power tool movement over giant print volumes. the warmth bed is fastened, minimizing the printer’s footprint, whereas permitting tall print jobs.

Totally Assembled Kossel Clear PLA with alphanumeric display and Card Reader


Design Highlights

Auto Calibration: because of Johann Rocholl’s car standardisation routine, builders can currently have lots less on their minds. The car standardisation routine are often set to calibrate before any print job is started. This operate can enable you to require the printer with you to your next build session, across town or to a DIY meetup, and still recognize that it’ll print unconditionally on the bed on every occasion

Acrylic Parts: Acrylic offers the most effective combination of aesthetics, ‘manufacturability’, and cost. It is the good material for our expected demand. not like wood, acrylic is a smaller amount at risk of thermal growth, proof to water vapour (which causes wood to expand/distort), is sixteen times stronger than glass, includes a terribly elegant end, and is cheap. we’ve numbered of these elements for easy assembly.

• Acrylic Rods/Arms: live doubly, cut once? however concerning neither! we tend to don’t need builders to own to manually cut the lengths of arms/rods that hold the effector. several things will get it wrong – arms move totally different lengths; arms bent or forced to suit, etc. World Health Organization is aware of what builders would/could do? By introducing a pre-cut, fixed-hole style, builders would simply need to screw and tighten.


• Aluminum Rods/Arms: we tend to are providing AN atomic number 13 version of the rods and arms. Same dimensions, more rigid, a lot of awesome!

• Acrylic Sliders: we tend to area unit terribly happy with this acrylic slider style. Our objective here was to use the acrylic itself as a spring to stay the v-groove rollers pinching the extrusions. The ball joints directly mount on to the acrylic, and that we integrated the standardisation adjustment screw into the slider itself.

Early prototype: Acrylic Sliders with Spectra fishing lines

Aluminum Extrusions: we tend to love these atomic number 13 extrusions. we tend to had contemplated coming up with AN all acrylic build, however determined that atomic number 13 horizontal extrusions, whereas a lot of pricey, would supply the user with most profit. It makes the structure a lot of sturdy, and it will increase the printer’s overall charm. Adding an additional fan or mounting AN alphanumeric display upgrade is extremely straightforward – no ought to drill holes! These extrusions can enable you to slip commonplace M3 batty, which might are available in terribly handy once adding physical attachments to your printer, like further lights, fans, etc. we are going to pre-tap all vertical extrusions for your convenience.

atomic number 13 Extrusions with alphanumeric display Upgrade

Extruder: The bowden style extruder permits the effector to be lighter, reducing the load on the steppers.


GT2 temporal arrangement Belts and Pulleys: we tend to ab initio used fishing lines in earlier prototypes of the Kossel Clear, however determined that GT2 temporal arrangement belts, though a lot of pricey, would be abundant easier to put in. Screw within the pulley-block, tighten the belts, and you’re all set! These belts offer your printer a a lot of skilled look – no tangles, no knots!


Electronics: we’ve determined to use the popular RAMPS printer protect ANd an Arduino Mega 2560 because the brains of our printer. The PLA solely printer are going to be battery-powered by a 12v 5amp AC adapter, whereas the ABS upgrade can have an influence provide capable of twelve volts, 360 watt with a 110/220 V input selector. The stepper motors area unit strapping Kysan nema 17s rated at five.5 Kg/cm. The alphanumeric display screen upgrade are going to be plug and play.


Table 1:


Graph 1

Graph 2



Twisted Gear Lamp/Vase – zero.2mm layer height, written with MatterHackers red ABS


Left: Twisted Heart jar – blue ABS


Right: Nautilus Gears – white PLA


Dragon – written at zero.2mm z resolution with white PLA


Rocket – 0.2mm, Octave black ABS


one hundred metric linear unit layer height; pic enamored a camera phone

one hundred metric linear unit layer height; external fan used for aggressive cooling. Pic enamored a camera phone

Rewards outline

Table 2:


Blue Eagle Labs occasional Mugs

Blue Eagle Labs Spool Holder

Upgrade choices

We have many upgrade choices accessible to create your Kossel Clear even a lot of special:

Table 3:


All upgrades are going to be shipped together with your kits, or put in together with your assembled units. Here’s a lot of info concerning every upgrade:

LCD and Card Reader Upgrade: This upgrade can enable you to print while not a connected laptop. The liquid crystal can display necessary printing info like temperatures and print standing.It’ll modify you to try to to straightforward commands, and can enable you to manage the print speed period.

Aluminum Arms Upgrade: largely AN aesthetic upgrade, however will give more rigidity to the arms of the effector.

OpenBeam Extrusions Upgrade: This upgrade can replace our regular atomic number 13 extrusions with the popular OpenBeam system. The black anodized surface of the OpenBeam extrusions can build the acrylic within the Kossel Clear set out, and your Kossel Clear can sure enough be the middle of attraction!

totally Assembled Kossel Clear ABS with alphanumeric display and Card Reader Upgrade

User expertise

• Design – Use sketchup, slicer, blender, solidworks, etc. to model your half and export it to an STL file.


• Slice – Import your file to your favorite slicer, and generate the G-code


• Prep – Load the G-code onto the printer via Mount Rushmore State card, or load it on pronterface; heat up the bed


• Print – The autocalibration routine can begin, so it’ll begin printing your half


• Enjoy – await the bed to chill down, and luxuriate in your part!



Materials Sourcing


Time Frame


Our Team

Blue Eagle Labs could be a startup among friends. we tend to return from totally different backgrounds/experiences – shop mechanic and businessperson, master’s degree and finance, IT and technical school support – however we tend to all share a similar passion for 3D printing!

We ar absolutely committed to the DIY 3D printer market. we tend to plan to be a community adjusted 3d printer and AI company for all enthusiasts. Kossel Clear is that the 1st of a protracted list of comes we tend to prefer to pursue. we glance forward to planning our own pcb, producing our own hot ends, and fitting atiny low scale domestic producing facility.


Thanks and Acknowledgement

While we tend to place lots of thought and energy into the Kossel Clear’s style, we tend to couldn’t have done it while not standing on the shoulders of giants. Specifically, we might prefer to thank:

• Johann Rocholl, for gap the doors to the delta vogue 3D printer

• John Driggers

• The RepRap project

• Tux-Labs (http://www.tux-lab.com/)

• OCGT (http://www.meetup.com/OC-Garage-Tinkerers/)

• OpenBeam (http://openbeamusa.com/)

• Most of all, we might prefer to convey everybody within the delta printer forums – it’s an excellent community filled with useful and intelligent enthusiasts! (https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/deltabot)

Risks and challenges find out about responsibleness on Kickstarter

While we’ve created the Kossel Clear as straightforward and straightforward to create as attainable, building a 3D printer isn’t any tiny task. As such, we might prefer to cause you to attentive to a number of the potential obstacles concerned during this Kickstarter project:

DIY Aptitude:

Not everybody has a similar power once it involves golf shot things along. this is often why we tend to ar providing a series of stepwise tutorial videos additionally as AN instruction leaflet (for people who like paper) that may be accessible to builders of all levels.

Supply Chain:

Shipping delays may cause our schedule to be thrown off. Besides sourcing most components domestically, we’ve regular around conservative lead times, and that we are going to be mistreatment reliable carriers for our shipments. All the time sensitive materials that require to be foreign from abroad can fly in by air.

Defective Parts:

We will absorb the chance of defective components within the event that your Kossel Clear is shipped with producing defects. Defects caused by improper use, maintenance, or assembly don’t seem to be coated.

International Shipments:

Backers from outside the U.S. may need to pay duties, taxes, and customs clearance fees additionally to international shipping prices.


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