Mbot Cube 3D Printer Dual Head

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How would you buy a 3D printer that is best for your money?

With fast progress in 3D printing industry, one should be cautious. Why? Well it is simple. Every consumer wanted to make most of what they buy. The reason maybe is that most of the money used for buying is hard-earned, so it is just easy to understand why a lot would not settle for less. Consumers would always look for what is better.

To avoid stress when buying 3D printers, one must plan first. Always have a balanced viewpoint. Do you really need it? Do you want a dual head nozzle or the single one is enough?

Study from the root. Why do you need it by the way? Is it for your work, for projects proposal, or for business or for school? Well it is always better to know which problem is yours.

Clear your mind and do not fix on the idea that it is really what you need. Maybe it what’s you wanted but not what you need. A lot had already shared their disappointments because the product delivered to them does not meet with their expectations.

Spend some time in an appliance store. Look and compare products of the same time and see how they work. Ask for pamphlets and if there is a promo as when it is until. Then write your observation or just simply type in a memo or something so that you could go back in it later.

Lastly, make inquiries on the manufacturers and make a checklist. Compare the product form one company to the other. Do they offer the same? Which is more usable? Which offers greater option? How about the warranty, which offers the best? Most of reputable companies offer longer periods of warranty so you have to look for those. To supply you with the general idea of what is 3D printer by the way, let us take Mbot 3D printer for example.

What is Mbot 3D printer?

Please take note that this 3D printer is not made by MakerBot but is compatible to MakerBot. The Mbot Cube is an affordable 3D printer made by Magicfirm LLC and could be customized to either a single or dua extrusion. Well, if you choose dual extrusion that means 2-color printing. And not just that. Mbot could make your printing models appear larger with a bigger building dimension of 200 X 200 X 200 mm. The printer is controlled by a SD card provided by the company. Starter Gift includes filament x 1 or 2(dual) 3M Blue tape, 2 inch width x 1 small spade x 1 hex tool m3 x 1. This is a new personal 3D computer is based on Mbot’s replicator.

So as you see. Mostly of 3D printers have the same specifications. Some differences are the options like dual head extrusion, filament color or speed.

But if you could not absolutely decide, you could ask for advices from experts or friends that have already experience on 3D printers. Then, it is up to you to decide.

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