Mbot Cube 3D printer

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The is one of the 3D printer technologies, you may like. It uses 1.75 mm standard filament and makes use of PLA and ABS plastic both. It also gives you an option to print two colors at the same time with its dual extruders. Once ordered, you will not have to wait much for its arrival because it has a lead-time of two weeks. One thing you won’t enjoy much is that the company is not providing any type of warranty for this machine.

The Cube 3D have a printing speed of about 40 mm per second. This means that it will take more than an hour for this printer to create a cell phone case. It is relatively much slower than the other available 3D printers in the market. The maximum size of the print is no more than 487 cubic inches with dimensions 7.87 x 7.87 x 7.87 inches. The Mbot Cube also provides a single head or a dual extruder head for printing two different colors at the same time.

This home 3D printer weighs about 35 pounds. It is heavier than some of the other 3D printer because of external wood framework and big size. Its dimensions are approximately 16 x 16 x 16 inches. It is a big machine with a lot of weight and therefore is not easy to shift or carry around. Unlike most of the 3D printers, the Mbot Cube 3D does not offer a touchscreen menu, rather it has an old fashioned LCD display.

The printer kit includes a power supply, a USB cord and most important of them all, the printing software that enables you to start printing right away. With thee software already present in the kit, you will not have to waste your precious money on buying it separately. You will also get a SD card which is another source of connectivity with the computer in addition to USB cable for the transfer of data and design files. Furthermore, you will get a starter filament roll to get you started with your creations right away.

The Mbot Cube 3D may not attract many customers because of the no-warranty issue but “Magicfirm” who are the creators of this printer, have added a telephone number and an email address to provide you some help and support. The Mbot is a Chinese company, so it will be very hard to find a representative, especially in the normal hours that can help you with your problems regarding the printer. Also Chinese are less familiar with English, so it may get really hard for them to understand your queries regarding the printer and they may not be able to provide you a satisfactory answer. There is also no forum or FAQs on the company’s website regarding its products for your assistance.

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