OctaveABS Filament for Reprap, MakerBot, Afini, and UP! 3D printers

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Having problems with the thread? Does your spool jumps and stops? Tired of buying expensive 3D printer filaments? If you are having trouble with your printer filaments, then you’ve come to the right place. With the past demand of 3D printing, it is surely that a lot would try it. But if you’re having problem because your printer filaments runs out, do not worry. The solution is here.

The solution to your filament problems is here, Octave 1.75 mm ABS filament. Yes. You read it right. Octave is made of Red Acrylonitrile Butadiene styrene (ABS) thermoplastic filament that is easily molded and mounted to your extrusion panels.

Octave could be used to a lot of 3D printers existing today. Octave has a lot to offers.

This is compatible to any Afinia, Reprap, UP!, MakerBoy, PrintrBot and UltiMAker. It has vast arrays of benefits. It runs smoothly in any 3D printers and could have fewer extruder nozzle problems.

Needs a manicured, well-furnished model results? Do not worries, Octave could give you the solution?

  • Octave is also designed to subdue very tight tolerances and could have a varied extruder temperature range.

  • But don’t worry if you would not like red because Octave is also available in 17 vivid colors such as black, natural, yellow, green, blue, and even “glow in the dark” and pastel colors.

  • The filament could stand up to 210-250oC and the filaments diameter is 1.75 mm with increments of 10mm.

Why buy the expensive ones when you could have the same result but more affordable?

  • Octave is so easy to use. Once the spool is mounted on your printer, you could see that your printing works well.

  • If you had still in doubt, here is a quick guide for your spool shopping.

  • Though a lot of printing spools are out of the market but do not be fooled.

  • Look for spools that are affordable but usable. Easy to use and is only made to suit your satisfaction.

If you need advice for choosing quality threads for your 3D printers, surf online. Ask questions to forums. Like which is more preferred? ABS or PLA? Which is safer? Is there any precautions that must be observe when using this certain spool?

If you had already bought one and are not satisfied with the result, feel free to contact your service provider. Surely, they are more eager to entertain you on your needs and can give answer to your questions more appropriately.

Next, attend on trials and product orientations. Once you’re oriented, you could totally decide which filaments really suit your taste.

Try also to look for product pamphlets and acknowledge assistance from product representatives. Ask for proper ways on how to use your product. Once you made your mind feel free to contact Octave or you could come personally. So this 3D printer is very good for you. Get in touch and buy this 3D Printer.

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