RigidBot 3D Printer

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What is 3D Printing

3D printing is AN exciting technology wherever you’ll produce and build plastic objects right from the comfort of your own residence. Imagine building an area with a hot glue gun. RigidBot melts plastic and pushes it through atiny low tip, like AN automatic glue gun, and grows your style layer by layer from all-time low up.


Why RigidBot 3D?


The RigidBot 3D Printer is a simple to use client 3D printer built for the everyday user. you’ll exit totally assembled and prepared to use, or in kit kind and commemorate putt it along. With our printer there’s no limit to your creativeness. style your own elements or transfer thousands of free styles from varied places on-line, together with computer network.thingiverse.com.

The RigidBot 3D style is totally expandable within the X, Y and Z directions. mistreatment the injection formed plastic joints, you’ll alter the dimensions by swaping out the metal bars with longer or shorter ones (available at any ironmongery store or on our future on-line store).

Great style

We we tend tont through several style iterations till we tend to found a style we felt was clean, simple, and value effective. to not mention RIGID (WAY STRONG). With our injection formed corners you’ll build your RigidBot 3d Printer any size you would like.

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