Robox 3D printing platform (kickstarter)

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This is Robox! Designed to be the best, most reliable and comprehensive 3D printing platform out there. Full of innovation.

• Works Out of the Box – enter the facility and USB twine and begin printing.. automatic bed levelling, intuitive software package and advanced hardware all close to create Robox reliable and straightforward to use.

• High Resolution – Robox has one among the very best print resolutions of any FFF printer within the market – 20µm (0.02mm) layers.

• Dual Nozzle System for Speed – Robox includes a dual-nozzle system that closes the flow of fabric and lifts the unused nozzle. Up to three hundredth quicker than our competitors.

• Automatic Material Recognition, No merchant Lock-in – Robox needs no programming for various materials – simply load the SmartReel and go! every reel contains a chip that is programed with all the required parameters. you’ll be able to fill and programme these reels yourself or procure them loaded with filament able to go.

• Quick-Change Head – The removable head system permits you to alter the perform of Robox quickly and minimally. Promote your Robox to rotate into a twin material printer, stylus cutter, edge head or 3D scanner, the chances are endless!

• Replaceable, ‘Tape-less’ and Removable Ieoh Ming Pei Bed – Sticky once hot, free once cool – no problem. The print surface is definitely detachable – permitting straightforward replacement for alternative functions.

• Future Proof – Robox is prepared for a second extruder, and we’ve unbroken in mind all doable later upgrades.

• Compact Frame and Case style -The frame and motion systems are extraordinarily rigid and accurately positioned. Massive components will be investigate multiple sections keeping the printer desktop however your comes endless.

Features Comparison


What we have a tendency to doing?

From the first of this project, the intention has forever been to clear up 3D printing and build it in working condition by everybody. we have a tendency to needed to provide the foremost reliable, trendy and easiest-to-use 3D printing respond out there. What we’ve completed is over that; with the HeadLock™ structure, Robox will function with completely dissimilar heads, which implies entirely different tools that may execute an entire vary of latest functions from stylus cutting to fix deposition, and returning in a while, 3D scanning. the chances are endless.

We have future-proofed the platform in order that it’s able to take immediate advantage of latest additive and ablative producing processes as we have a tendency to develop them, creating the Robox platform not solely the foremost accessible 3D printer however an entire micro-manufacturing system. We’ve designed the entire product from the bottom up; the frame, physics, software package and microcode ar all tuned to confirm that every one the innovation we’ve added works seamlessly to provide you the simplest doable user expertise.

What makes Robox better?

When we began to style Robox, we have a tendency to set a target R.R.P. of < £1000 with a stress on terribly high specifications and merchandise quality from the first. By utilising mass producing techniques and in-depth half sourcing we’ve driven the value of skilled 3D printing right down. we expect you’ll agree – that’s an entire heap of practicality for a tremendous price!


ABS – 3hr 42min – 50µm layer height

Want one thing that you will minimally plug and print? – Well that’s just what we’ve done – install the AutoMaker™ software package, connect the facility and USB, load a reel and click on print – it’s as straightforward as that. All printers are assembled and completely tested before going away the assembly line, therefore it’s able to use at once.

Do you dream of having the ability to supply models higher than those of knowledgeable prototyping service and while not the cost? – With the very best resolution X, Y and Z axis out there on the market and a layer thickness right down to simply twenty microns, you’ll be able to manufacture components that ar able to use at once the printer – no finishing needed. as a result of the printer uses trade commonplace plastics you’ll be able to begin to make real components right away.

Why use a fashionable prototyping service once you will print a able to use ABS half in your own office?

Fed up with high priced consumables? – Robox print materials are out there pre-loaded onto our custom reel, prepared for fitting straight into your printer. Robox are ready to print with most top quality filaments that ar out there, discovering that one provides you the simplest results takes days of testing. We’ve done all this for you – with a large choice of ‘professional grade’ materials – simply select from our vary of plastics, colors and finishes and acquire printing! CEL have a history of keeping the value of consumables at the value they ought to be, our several machine users can attest to the current.


Are you disquieted regarding the set-up and ‘tweaking’ needed to urge printing? – Robox has been designed to try to to all its set-up and material loading mechanically. To load a reel, merely click it into the facet and feed the filament into the doorway path and therefore the printer can do the remainder. Not solely that – Robox can recognise instantly what material you’ve got put in, and set all of its printing parameters suitably – no getting into values and experimenting. to get rid of a reel, merely press the eject button, the printer can unload the filament permitting you to get rid of the reel. there’s conjointly no bed-levelling to stress regarding either; the pinnacle is mark at the beginning of each job for hassle-free printing.

Why we want You!

Here at CEL, we’ve been developing Robox for the last eighteen months and we’re finally able to show it to the globe. So far, funding for the project has come back from our extremely regarded tool business, sanctioning USA to style and create absolutely functioning prototypes – therefore you’ll be able to be rest assured our product will what we are saying it’ll.


We need your facilitate to urge Robox into the hands of the those who matter; you, to assist USA gather user experiences and feed this back to the event cycle. Our dream is to eventually see a Robox® in each school/college, designer/architects’ workplace, into the house of each discoverer, tinkerer, hacker and parent . we want you to assist USA end our development – significantly the package and computer code, creating everyone’s 3D printing expertise polished and easy. we’ve legion work still to try to to – we want a community of pioneers to assist USA capture USAer experiences and show us new ways that of mistreatment our innovative hardware, sanctioning USA to finish a completely polished uxor for the AutoMaker™ package. to collect your experiences and response to the project we are going to have a discussion forum and dedicated team members to guide and collate the analysis and feedback.

Your support can make sure that we have a tendency to reach our goals and your USAe of Robox can provide us the feedback to confirm our developments area unit relevant and helpful.

We commit to get a good unfold of safety certification, together with atomic number 58 and FCC, sanctioning USA to sell altogether international markets to any or all client teams.

Of course, we’ll be exhausting at work too; delivering updates on the project and new practicality on a daily basis to feature additional performance and capabilities.

Why Our Project Matters

There area unit many folks that believe 3D printing isn’t prepared for the mass-consumer market which it’s simply too troublesome to use. We’ve launched to resolve this drawback by coming up with out all of this issues with domestic 3D printers from the bottom up. as a result of the high value of comparable machines, we have a tendency to believe the technology has not nonetheless reached the hands of these that matter – the little start-ups, artists, architects, hackers/makers and particularly kids. We’ve tried to create Robox accessible for all kids over five, by streamlining the method of printing and creating the merchandise safe to use.

Safe and easy enough for young education environments

This technology has the potential to disrupt ancient producing processes and even the means during which product area unit bought and oversubscribed. it’ll alter individuals to bring producing back to their native economies and cut back reliance on imports – shipping solely raw materials, not finished product.

Governments round the world have prioritised writing and 3D printing in planned reforms to education curricula. Technology-related skills and specially engineering are going to be among the priorities for primary and middle school kids, with the latter obtaining new style and technology lessons that embody learning to use 3D printers. style and technology syllabi are overhauled to show kids from the age of 5 a way to style, plan, build (and evaluate) a product from having a thought all the means through to making a finished item.

There is conjointly the potential of the technology in developing economies, wherever communities are going to be enabled to provide applicable technology for his or her setting mistreatment regionally offered resources – suppose printing a water rotary engine from recycled plastic. we wish Robox to be a part of this revolution – conveyance micro-manufacturing to everybody.

Introducing Robox® – Technical Specification

Key options

Frame and Case style – the standard of printing is preponderantly obsessed on the resolution and accuracy of the motion axes. The printer should be capable of composing correct layers of plastic material layer once layer to provide a usable half. we’ve designed Robox from scratch, making certain the frame and motion systems area unit extraordinarily rigid and accurately positioned. All motors and axes area unit connected to one stainless-steel frame that could be a reference surface for all motion; this is often stiffly connected to injection moulded elements that type the body of the printer to form a super-stable platform.

We needed all our last innovation to possess a fittingly prime quality sleek exterior end. We’ve used prime quality materials together with anodised metallic element and clear polycarbonate to offer the printer a clean fashionable look that may be reception on any table. Our industrial style aim was to cover all the technology needed for movement and printing however still exhibit the charming method of 3D printing to the user. we expect Robox® is gorgeous, with clear views of what’s being factory-made from over 0.5 the surfaces. The filament reel and power offer are integrated into the merchandise, therefore we’ve no mussy external elements to litter your table and take up extra space.

a completely self contained unit with atiny low desktop footprint.

Speed – twin Nozzle System – Robox includes a proprietary dual-nozzle system which might improve print speeds by up to three hundredth once set against our competitors. one material feed are often directed out of 1 of 2 nozzles – with a 0.3mm or 0.8mm extrusion diameter. this implies Robox will turn out extremely elaborate exterior surfaces for the surfaces you’ll be able to see, so quickly fill the item mistreatment the larger nozzle multiple layers at a time while not poignant half strength or detail. This combined with a needle-valve system stops ‘ooze’ and ‘stringing’ from the nozzles – a haul unremarkably found in alternative printers. therefore currently you’ll be able to finally have the simplest of each worlds – an ideal prime quality exterior end with abundant quicker print times!

Three hundredth increase in print speed because of the Robox twin Nozzle Print Head

Automatic Material Recognition – Robox needs no programming for various materials – simply load the reel and go! every reel contains a chip that stores all the mandatory parameters for the fabric that are totally tested, therefore as before long as you put in the reel, the printer is mechanically programmed and prepared to print.

SmartReel™ – every reel of filament has AN EEPROM that contains material knowledge to permit Robox to mechanically set print parameters.

Quick-Change Print-head – Our HeadLock™ System permits you to alter the perform of Robox quickly and simply. From the kickoff of this project we’ve created the merchandise simply upgradeable, therefore the head contains a universal interface that may work with all future upgrades to the Robox platform, together with a two material head, stylus cutter, edge head and 3D scanner, the chances area unit endless!

Swap the pinnacle and switch this small producing platform into a distinct machine altogether

Replaceable, ‘Tape-less’ and Removable I. M. Pei Bed –

Once your print has finished you’re liberated to take away your model from the printer. The print surface itself is additionally simply removable – giving straightforward replacement or dismounting of models aloof from the printer, or for change to different beds e.g. a stylus cutting.

mat, edge fixture system or turntable for the 3D scanning head. to confirm that your bed is usually utterly flat for 3D printing once Robox is designed as AN FFF system, the print surface is built from I. M. Pei laminate material, which needs no tape, glues or special preparation. Prints stick quick whereas printing, so unharness themselves once complete.

Heated Bed with Removable Print Surface – bound models and materials enjoy totally different print surfaces. the little cutout section on the front right of the bed permits straightforward removal.

Enclosed Build Chamber – Robox has the choice of a fully-enclosed build envelope for stabilizing the printing setting, rising results and creating it safer. once a written half cools (particularly once made of ABS) inconsistently or too chop-chop, it shrinks inconsistently, inflicting warp cracks and de-lamination. Our enclosure serves many purposes; prevents outside thermal influences poignant your print by block draughts and keeping the interior temperature stable, and shields users from surfaces that area unit too hot to the touch.

check print: ABS 78x10x5mm – Draft quality -This check print mistreatment ABS in our closed build chamber shows no shrinkage or warp even once the bed and half have cooled.

Expandable for two Extruders – Robox is prepared for a second extruder; therefore plus a twin material head (currently in development), you’ll be ready to print 2 totally different materials at an equivalent time – whether or not this is often simply 2 colors of an equivalent material, or a build material and separate support material.

AutoMaker™ Proprietary package – instead of bundle Robox with the same old choice of Open supply package, we’ve set to develop our own therefore we are able to cash in of the numerous innovative hardware options already designed into our Robox platform. This additional enhances the simplicity and usefulness of the printer for each consultants and novices alike. This has been designed from scratch therefore the client will become the manufacturer from day one, we wish everybody to be ready to produce their world.

Automaker™ Beta 2.0 – a transparent and easy standing page

Simplicity with Depth – Ease-of-use is at the center of the look of Robox, except for those of you additional by experimentation inclined – don’t fear! we’ve divided the package into easy and advanced modes, therefore for those of you United Nations agency don’t wish to ‘tweak’, simply place your elements and print. Advanced mode can enable seasoned users to change all parameters of the printer manually. Once you’re proud of a print profile you’ll be able to put it aside for future use – repeatable prime quality printing, another goal of the Robox project.

AutoMaker™ Beta 2.0 – easy controls with a robust advanced tab that permits users to tweak each variable and make their own print profiles

What will I get?


Robox Kickstarter jersey style


Why Robox Is higher

Construction Methodology – All of the motion axes area unit coupled to one sheet half, reducing the need for factory calibration and ensuring that your Robox is perfect for printing straight off the production line. the utilization of injection moulded elements combined with sheet elements produces a really rigid structure, whereas permitting for a fashionable client product.

Minimal Inertia – By employing a ‘Bowden tube’ extruder, we have a tendency to area unit ready to keep the burden of the printing head to a minimum, giving abundant quicker extrusion and travel speeds while not poignant print quality.

Large High force Stepper Motors with High Resolution Axes – we’ve over-specified the stepper motors for all the motion axes, that means Robox ought to be ready to address all future head developments while not a hitch. we’ve used 2mm pitch belt drives for X and Y axes and our own custom machined 0.5mm pitch Z axis screw. All of the motors area unit bespoke for the printer. this offers USA the very best theoretical accuracy on the market, and permits USA to attain super-fine layer height.

High specification motors from left to right – Nozzle, Z1, Z2, Extruder, X, Y. All have custom output shafts specifically designed for Robox. Z1 and Z2 have metric fine thread (M5x0.5mm) for unprecedented Z resolution.

Separate Build Chamber and physics Enclosure – as a result of the heated build platform, we are able to maintain close to 50°C close temperature within the build chamber. This stable setting helps to take care of half accuracy and print quality by preventing uneven cooling. the matter with this feature is that this close temperature are often too hot for the motors and physics that management the printer. These area unit all thus outside the build chamber and actively cooled by outside air flow to stay everything running swimmingly.


Automatic Build Platform Levelling – one amongst the main issues with the majority offered 3D printers is that the bed should be manually levelled to confirm the primary layer adheres properly. this is often a fiddly method that needs to be frequently perennial – an excellent supply of frustration for alternative 3D printer owners! We’ve solved that drawback in Robox employing a proprietary bed inquiring mechanism which might live the placement of the bed before each print. each Z motors area unit driven severally and area unit mechanically adjusted to confirm the X axis is usually parallel to the print bed.

Extruder Construction and feedback circuit – The Robox extruder contains a pioneering dual-pinch-wheel extrusion system. this permits for terribly consistent and reliable extruder operation with glorious resolution and management. The filament is fed to the pinnacle by 2 indexed contra-rotating feed wheels that area unit high-powered by a worm &amp; wheel gear case. This arrangement just about eliminates the chance of slippage or ‘stripping’ of your filament, inflicting a loss of extrusion and fluctuations in print quality.

Robox Extruders will apply lots of exactly controlled pressure to the filament feed with none slippy, they conjointly monitor movement to confirm errors are often detected quick and to alter the Pause/Resume feature.

The filament extruder incorporates a closed-loop feedback system that monitors the motion of filament because it enters the extruder, giving it the flexibility to instantly recognise extrusion problems. The package will pause the print if any error is found, permitting the user or computer code to rectify the matter while not destruction the complete print. a protracted expected feature on 3D printers is ‘resume’ – the user will restart the print and it’ll continue from wherever it left off. Another 1st for Robox!

If you run out of filament or one thing goes wrong simply pause and resume from wherever you left off.

Nozzle Valve System – Another drawback that we’ve solved is ‘ooze’ -the stringing and over extrusion at the top of a locality of printing. This happens as a result of the low consistence of liquified plastic. In most printers, this is often solved by what’s called a ‘retract’, wherever the filament is chop-chop reversed in conjunction with a really tiny soften chamber, but this is often not effective or correct management of the liquid material. Robox overcomes this drawback through the utilization of a needle-valve system that fully closes every nozzle at the purpose of extrusion, removing all stringing and ‘blobs’ from the half – leading to a tremendous surface end.

Integrated Cooling – The Robox print head incorporates AN enclosure with a disciple that performs 2 separate functions – first of all the fan keeps the bridge between the recent and cold elements cool, and it conjointly actively cools written elements as they’re being written by directive cool air over the surface. this implies elements solidify sooner, rising layer adhesion and therefore the ability to print overhangs and little layers quickly.

HeadLock™ Head Replacement System – this permits you to alter the pinnacle of the printer with minimum fuss. simply rotate the lockup wheel on the rear of the carriage till it’s loose and push the pinnacle down and aloof from the carriage. to put in a brand new head, simply clip it up into place and tighten the lockup screw – as straightforward as that! The package can mechanically recognise what model of head is put in and established AutoMaker™ fitly.

Where a bent to square measure currently

Fully-Functioning invented paradigm – we tend to have already got a completely useful paradigm that has been engineered by hand mistreatment samples of ultimate elements and SLS written elements.This the model that has created several of the 3D prints you see here.

Paradigm elements square measure very important to the planning method, Robox® makes this abundant easier.

First Off-Tool elements Arrived for initial Engineering Build – we’ve got additionally recently received the first-off tool elements from our injection mould tooling, thus we’ve got our initial check up on what the finished product can seem like. we’ve got several elements still to finalize together with the ordinal revision of the PCB and alternative physical science. we’ve got begun testing the new assembly and finalising the planning for mass-production.

Future Development

Extra heads and practicality – we’ve got plans for a full vary of add-on producing heads for Robox, and that we conceive to unleash a minimum of 2 new functions per annum once launch, which can include; 3D Scanner, Soluble Support Materials, Stylus/Die Cutter to call however a couple of several. Once you have got Robox in your home, the applications for a robotic machine-controlled 3-axis system square measure endless. we’ve got a history of being attentive to our customers and transferral them the additions to our systems that they request.

Why Robox is best

For Robox we’ve got designed our own physical science and embedded software system from scratch, permitting US country an excellent deal of management over practicality and layout.A bent to square measure mistreatment associate degree Atmel® ARM processor with fully custom computer code. this will be software system upgraded via on-line updates, making certain your Robox is often mistreatment the newest options and enhancements. this permits US country to upgrade the machine for whole new practicality because it is developed, creating your machine future-proof from the point.

The board additionally uses a high speed USB a 2.0 interface, and incorporates a small Rushmore State card for storage of models. we’ve got associate degree integrated DC power provide, removing the requirement for that separate laptop-style brick hanging around on your desk! you simply got to connect the mains power lead and USB to urge producing. we’ve got additionally future-proofed the boards by together with a full vary of auxiliary connections, that ought to enable US country to attach new hardware because it is developed.

Where a bent to square measure currently

We presently have prototypes for version one of the PCB and these square measure being totally tested with the hardware build sure all practicality. we have a tendency to square measure presently within the method of redesigning the layout for PCB v2 which can neaten the layout and add alittle quantity of recent practicality before heading to production.


Future Development

‘Black Box’ – so as to use Robox, it should presently be connected to a laptop via USB; the merchandise itself will not have a screen or any controls, the sole button is for ejecting the reel once it’s not connected to a laptop. the planning intent was for the printer to be as easy and low value as doable from the offset.


As a future growth we have a tendency to will develop alittle touch-screen device which can to} enable you to regulate many printers while not the requirement for a laptop and additionally to attach to the printer remotely over the web. This can additionally enable US country to attach webcams associate degreed alternative associate degreecillaries via an integrated USB hub to extend the practicality of the merchandise e.g. mass storage, remote observation etc. this concept of ripping the printer into 2 separate devices was core to our thinking – simplicity, dependableness and low value.


Why is AutoMaker™ better?

Rather than ship Robox with generic ASCII text file software system, a bent to need our own, thus a bent to start from scratch. we’ve got designed AutoMaker™ to be as easy as doable to use daily and it’s tailored for our computer code and hardware. we’ve got additionally nearly fully rewritten the motion management computer code, leading to heap of electric sander acceleration/deceleration and thus quicker potential in operation speeds. the mandatory computer code practicality for our nozzle switch system is made in, permitting US country to regulate this motion as a separate ‘axis’, providing an excellent deal of management for the needle valves.


AutoMaker™ Beta 2.0 – Easy-to-use software system for plating of multiple elements, with the choice heaps as a project before getting ready to print.

AutoMaker™ guides you thru the steps of getting ready a model for printing {in a|during a|in associate degree exceedinglylogical order – take for your model, place it on the print bed(move, rotate, scale), so opt for prime quality setting and click on print. We’ve additionally enclosed a sophisticated mode, thus for you tinkerers out there, there’s still masses ready to tweak …

We’ve tried to match the planning of the interface to the cues and styling of the particular product, with a clean, unlittered look. All of the items you would like on screen square measure there, and everything you don’t has been moved to the advanced mode to permit you to urge on with the task in hand.

The software system stores a history of models that are sliced for printing antecedently, thus if you would like to print a model once more, you won’t need to wait,begin printing instantly.

Where a bent to square measure currently

We presently have a operating version of AutoMaker™ that has most of the practicality, however there’s masses still to do!

Early tests with this build of the software system, computer code and hardware have evidenced that our innovations in every of those systems square measure considerably rising speed, dimensional accuracy and detail. a bent to will build all aspects of the print method governable and square measure implementing heap of those controls into the advanced section of AutoMaker™. More be in charge of means more tuning so we at a standstill have a lot of employment to do to ensure our opening release has the ability to generate an ultimate print right out of the box – one of the key goals of the Robox mission.

A lot of testing is needed to form our printing profiles for every material, and that we square measure solely at the start of this method.

Future Development

Cloud Slicing / Remote Access – we might wish to add practicality to AutoMaker™ which can enable you to look at and management your Robox from anyplace within the world. With the additional ‘black box’ and digital camera, it ought to be doable to watch Robox because it prints, and additionally set it up to print new things. As a division of this we might additionally wish to add cloud slicing, releasing up resources on your laptop and permitting you to urge printing quicker.



Why is Ours higher ?

Automatic Material Recognition – Robox includes automatic material recognition as commonplace. In each reel of official Robox material there’s associate degree EEPROM that stores all the mandatory configuration info regarding the reel – together with manufacture date and batch no, material properties (melting purpose, composition, diameter etc.) and additionally what proportion material continues to be on the reel. this permits Robox to mechanically calibrate itself whenever a new replacement material is put in – no more getting into values and mensuration filament, all the idea is got a rid of abstracted.For each material we will square measure going to be developing a novel ‘print profile’ ready to guarantee nice prints when, with no user input needed very similar to adding a brand new cartridge to associate degree inkjet printer. As Robox also can observe what proportion filament remains, it will warn the user that there might not be enough to complete employment, and additionally pause partway through a print, permitting a user to alter the reel and resume the task.

You do not need to use our materials but, any prime quality 1.75mm filament may be used… but… users wouldn’t get the total plug and print expertise that Robox offers. a {number of} the cool options like pausing a print and dynamic colors believe in the printer knowing what’s been loaded and that’s wherever our SmartReel™ will disembarrass the method and enhance the expertise.The simplest printing results about to be achieved mistreatment Robox official materials, as equipped a print profile that has been extensively tested for an ideal print anytime. Why would you not need to use Robox official filament? It’s very value competitive and therefore the quality is second to none, however a bent to don’t need to tie you in. Not all filaments square measure sensible quality, and a few won’t solely offer you poor print results however injury Robox – a bent to can’t take responsibility for poor quality filament inflicting injury.

Robox Official Print Materials – Our materials square measure being created by our own provider and can be created to a really tight diametric tolerance of ±0.05mm.They’ll be loaded onto our custom reel style with integrated chip prepared to be used straight from the box.They’ll even be prepackaged in sealed luggage with a chemical agent build sure the fabric is dry.At first we will offer ABS associate degreed PLA in an exceedingly big selection of colors, however a bent to conceive to expand our vary speedily following unleash.Another time we will| answer client demand for attention-grabbing or specialised materials terribly positive means.

A sample choice on Robox SmartReels™ with on-board EEPROM

Where a bent to square measure currently

We square measure presently testing filament from 2 completely different makers and that we are going to be finalising the method for production and loading onto our reels shortly. The chip should even be programmed on the assembly line once the fabric is loaded to incorporate all the assembly knowledge and material parameters.

Future Development

Following unleash we are going to be increasing our vary of materials, the elements of Robox have all been designed and chosen to permit use of the subsequent material options:

• Flexible PLA – a versatile sort of the bio-degradable plastic, granting ‘bendy’ elements.

• Nylon – each of} the toughest 3D printing materials, nylon incorporates a whole vary of doable applications, particularly for automatically strict elements.

• PC – Polycarbonate is understood for its high impact strength and toughness (it’s wont to build bulletproof glass!)

• HIPS – High Impact phenylethylene could be a doable choice for a dissoluble support material because it may be dissolved in terpene once printing.

• HDPE – High Density polythene

• PVA – A water soluble chemical compound appropriate for dissoluble support material, permitting US country to provide complicated elements with massive overhangs and skinny wall sections, and additionally absolutely useful mechanical assemblies with no assembly needed.

• Conductive Polymers –A whole new space of analysis which might enable US country to print circuits and integrate physical science into plastic elements throughout the assembly method.

Manufacturing set up





Risks and challenges


Most of the engineering and style is currently complete, and that we square measure assured that we can deliver this product to its declared specification. As an organization a bent to have already got a verified history of having the ability to deliver prime quality innovative merchandise, and that we hope this can encourage you to place your trust in US country come up with the goods!

The product itself about to be absolutely tested to any or all international safety standards, together with Ce 58 ,permitting US country to sell Robox altogether markets.We’ve got already begun this practice method and hope to attain certification before launch.


We have already got a manufacturer in China which can be manufacturing the printer, and that they have already begun to tool the elements for injection moulding. they’re a longtime firm with several massive existing purchasers, and that they are operating closely with US country since the planning stage to optimise the planning for manufacture.

We even have 2 separate makers for the Robox print materials – affording US country some redundancy ought to there be any material provide problems. they’re operating to a really tight specification and mistreatment international commonplace resins with full safety certification.

Supply Chain and supply

Wherever doable, all elements for the printer are sourced from 2 freelance suppliers, that ought to facilitate US country to disembarrass any delays caused by issues with provide.The total BOM and provide chain is being managed by our manufacturer in China UN agency incorporates a peck of expertise in manufacturing massive volume shopper merchandise.

We take the satisfaction of our backers and customers terribly seriously, thus we will make you’re all well-kept thus far on any doable delays or producing issues which will an impression on} the delivery of your Robox.


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