SUMPOD 3D printers

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3D printing engineering has obtained lots of reputation within a brief period of time. This particular technology has been hailed through all and sundry since the ‘next large thing’ on the planet of technologies. With the aid of 3D printing engineering, organizations can make operating versions in hours, and never times or even weeks. Because of its three-dimensional publishing, it’s possible to acquire similar items in a couple of hours. This particular enables you to have several realizations of the exact same task with instant comments. With the aid of particular strategies utilized in 3D printing, we can acquire items with outstanding surface complete. The pieces recognized may be ground, machine made, threaded as well as colored in order to acquire a complete item, modified to client specifications.

The SUMPOD may be the initial 3D Printer as well as Small CNC device developed especially for house and school utilize. It has obtained the improvements from the house 3d Printer as well as CNC neighborhoods and places them in a house pleasant form. It’s made of accuracy CNC machined MDF components and high quality elements to make a powerful as well as precise device. Each and every device will also incorporate an appropriately engineered as well as machined 0. 4mm nozzle. The construct region is actually 150mmx150x100. It’s delivered prepared for 1. 75mm PLA filament but may be modified effortlessly regarding 3mm PLA. The primary goal is always to create devices which are distinctive from standard 3D printers through focusing on the design and quality. With this additional construct durability each of our Basic and Aluminum, doubles for mild CNC redirecting. The SUMPOD is currently on the edge of being helpful in the design architectural course. Two types of SUMPOD are available on the market. In the following are given below with features.





The particular SUMPOD ALUMINIUM is manufactured on the concept that 3D Printers could be spectacular as well as useful. Furthermore, it is among the most only 3D Ink jet printers that are produced mainly of Aluminum to make sure accuracy and repeatability.

Attributes: 1.Construct space of 240x240x15

2. Engine dimension of 420x400x400

3. 0.4mm Nozzle

4. Mechanical decision of <0.02mm

5. Stand and pinion on X and Y

6. Trapezoidal Lead screw on Z

7. All Aluminum build of principle components

8.10mm Rods and Bearings

9. Dermal mount

10. Soldered Electronics

11.16×2 LCD (Light emitting diode)

12. Rotary encoder


Kit attributes:

1. Aluminum shape Framework components

2. Gloss black sections

3. Soldered Electronics

4.16×2 LCD (Light emitting diode)

5. Rotary Encoder

6.10mm Rods and Linear Bearings

7. PCB Heated Bed Kit



The actual SUMPOD basic is actually an inexpensive 3D Printer and CNC device that is manufactured utilizing MDF and provided as an unpainted package. It offers everything required to develop a 3D Printer and CNC device effective at milling forest and materials.



  • Construct space of 140x140x100
  • Total dimension of 290x290x360
  • Dermal Mount
  • Soldered Electronics


Kit attributes:

  1. CNC Machined MDF components
  2. Soldered Electronics
  3. Hot end
  4. 12V 5A electric supply
  5. 10mm Rods and Linear Bearings
  6. 4 Nema 17 Motors facilities
  7. Trapezoidal Lead screw for Z


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