The Airwolf 3D V5 printer

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is ready to use 3D printer that is available in a number of colors without any lead-time. This printer provides great quality print. It has a very small print tolerance of about 0.1 mm as it covers the minute details and adds smooth finishing and guarantees accuracy in your designs.

The AW3DV5 only uses 3mm filament but the material of the filament can be different. This printer supports PLA, ABS and wood-based PLA filaments. The minimum printing height of this printer is just 0.1 mm and the maximum height is about 0.125 mm. The important thing to note is its printing speed which is much more than many other 3D printers. It can print at a speed of 150 mm per second. With this speed, it can build a cellphone casing in about 12 minutes.

The Airwolf 3D V5 weighs about 18 pounds and has physical dimensions of 16 x 19 x 18 inches. The presence of a steel frame guarantees strength and ensures long life for the printer and does not add much weight to the printer. You can notify the company with the color of your choice by email as they are offering 9 different colors for this 3D printer. On the other hand, the printer does not have a touchscreen menu and does not come with the printer housing. With no housing, you will have to be a little more careful with the heating base plate to avoid accidental burns.

The 3D printer kit includes a power supply cable, a flash drive as well as a USB cable. The flash drive and USB cord are used for connectivity that is to transfer data between the computer and the printer (e.g. print commands and other general setting). They are the only means for connectivity as the Airwolf 3D V5 does not support Wi-Fi connectivity, which is not very unique attribute in 3D printers. The printer also lacks an SD card support as no slot is present for in the printer. This constrains you to connect this printer via USB cable and flash drive only. You will love to find out that the company also provides a roll of filament in the kit without you having to buy it, so you can start examining and testing your printer with your designs and models as soon as it arrives.

Once bought, this printer will not disappoint you. Instead it will blow your mind away by the quality of its prints. Airwolf seems to be committed in providing you the printer that is according to your demands therefore before the devices are sent, they are heavily tested. The company ensures that the devices are properly assembled and tested before they are sent to the customer. Furthermore, Airwolf also offers a six-month warranty on AW3D V5. To learn about the complete operation of this device, you can benefit from the FAQs on the company’s website. You can also keep yourself updated with the latest information regarding 3D printers by visiting their blog.

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