The CubeXTM Duo 3D Printer

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Almost all reviews of 3d printers offer the same thing: quality and usability. But are all those sold in the market reach the criteria?

Let take CubeX Duo 3D Printer for example.

To try the efficiency of 3D printers, one consumer decided to buy one: CubeX Duo from UK. The shipment processed by 3D Systems, took only 15 days to reach the buyer’s location which is quite impressive. A few mishaps were seen on the product like the upper tractor belt popped loose and one filament of the feed tube was out of place. But these were just minor cases and can be repaired in almost no time. The problem arises when the printer did not acknowledge the presence the .cubex file inside the USB disk. The consumer contacted the service provider and the technical team promise to provide support and guarantees to replace the USB port (it’s what they found out to be faulty). However, since supplies of parts are not sold domestically, the whole process took more days since the part must be delivered from UK to San Francisco. As of now, the consumer is still waiting for the progress of the replacement and repair.

If you are the one experiencing the same problem from above, for sure it would not too long to be a little disappointed. And if this would ever happen what should you do?

It is always in advice to plan ahead of time. Conduct research and make a checklist of the possible reasons why your unit might not work. This is to find a way out and resort to a more easy trouble shooting.

So let just say you are having trouble with USB functionality. Problems such as this could have easily rectified at the factory. Therefore, if you are properly informed, you would be able to avoid the problem prior to receiving of the printer unit.

But don’t take all the blame. It is not your fault in the first place to be blamed. In CubeX case, since the only way to send files to the printer is only through the USB port it make sense that a check of USB functionality should be made before shipping the product 5000 miles away. The 3D systems (the shipment provider), does not think that it is important to verify all functionality before shipping. As of this moment, the problem does not only fall back to CubeX but also to other 3D printer providers.

Why think this way?

The answer is that at point, it looks like a lot of 3D printer manufacturer is looking for the goodwill of the press to sell the product. A lot have to yet realize that the only way to sustain business for a long period is to provide quality product, outstanding technical support and on this case fast repairs. Another problem on this printer provider is that it has limited company policy and the availability of parts. Unfortunately, CubeX has lost its face as of this time.

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