The Cubify Cube

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The Cubify Cube is a user friendly 3D printer which fits well for marketing and recreational purpose. It supports Wi-Fi technology and has a lively user society that can help you create classy prints. It has an elegant design and excellent print quality. Although, it will prove a bit costly because of expensive cartridges refill but you will be really overjoyed to see, how fast and accurate, this printer is, in shaping your digital models.
The print area for this printer is exactly 5.5 x 5.5 x 5.5 inch cube. This area is relatively small and you would not be able to print large objects but the designs, it prints are extremely detailed. On some designs, the printers adds extra wisps of plastic but a “heal” function built in the software offers better printing results for these models. There still remain some designs that are not affected by this tool and hence a knife will be required to remove the wisps.

The printer works at three different speeds that can be controlled by you which means you can control the design details according to your need. At the fastest pace, Cube will work at 15mm per second. The printer head prints 0.25mm thick layer and can also print multi-color objects but that is time consuming.
The Cubify Cube is just 13 inches tall and 10 inches wide. The 3D systems have made it this small intentionally so it can fit without covering much space. It has a plastic frame which makes it lighter than most of 3D printers and seems cheap but the device is durable. Because of less weight, you can move it around easily.
On the Cube, the filament is fixed on the left side and is fed through the nozzle for printing. It uses the custom ASB and PLA filaments which are only produced by 3D Systems. It is more costly than the other cartridges that you can buy for other 3d printers. The cartridge is also very difficult to open when adding filament into the printer.
Once the printing completes, the plastic tries to attach itself to the heating place. To avoid this, apply “magic glue” to the plate. After printing, put the plate in cold water. By doing this, your design will easily detach from the plate along with the glue which dissolves in water. It has a touch screen which is user friendly and provides easy setup navigation.
It includes 25 pre-designed digital models including a few phone covers and bracelets as well. It also includes software which you can use to design your own models. If your create a masterpiece 3D Systems will upload your design on their side and give you a 5 percent commission on every download. The kit also includes a USB cable and a power supply.
As we know that Cube supports Wi-Fi, it is simple for it to establish its own wireless connection. Furthermore, you can also send your digital creations from your computer to the cube using the software.
For help and support, you can contact 3D System’s representatives via phone and email. You can also check a blog on their website, which they keep up to date and has valuable information about recent advancements that goes into 3D printers.


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