The Cubify CubeX

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With evolving 3D printing technology, 3D Systems have been able to create a printing device that can use multiple colors at a time. The Cubify CubeX Trio allows you to make multi-color objects by using three separate cartridges. It is more costly because you are shifting from one to three cartridges now. The printer’s fast speed, more space and user friendly touchscreen has easily made it the best of its kind.
The best thing about CubeX is its size. The large size enables us to create large objects. The print area is 1,098 cubic inches wide and it can print object of length 10.75 inches, width 10.75 inches and height 9.5 inches. It is big enough to create a regular size basketball.
With the multicolor printer, you can create objects with three different colors. With three separate cartridges that are fed to three different printer heads, you can now create much better and more unique designs. It prints at a thickness of 0.25mm and works at three different speeds: High Definition (prints the slowest), Crisp Definition and standard definition (prints the fastest). At fastest rate it can print around 15mm per second which means that it can print a basketball in a matter of just 20 minutes.
CubeX will attract those people who think, the bigger is the better as it is the biggest in size at 9,636 cubic inches and weighs about 80 pounds. Owing to the big size, you will be able to print big objects. And it is heavy because it holds complex machinery inside.

CubeX is open from all sides. This means, you can watch it work from any angle but this also means that unlike closed printers, it is not a very safe device to have children around, but because of the cubical frame,  it is more children friendly than any other printer. The high-grade plastic (PLA and ABS) offers insulation and prevent overheating.  The filament cartridges are also fed through the top and into the nozzle and are set inside the printer.
The thing we love about 3D printer is that they offer more than one printing color. You can buy 18 different color filaments from their website including two “glow in the dark” colors. But they are costly than any other cartridge, about 99$ for each color. CubeX design their printers to work with their cartridges only. So unless someone else designs such cartridges, you would have to pay this amount for the refill.
With this price you will also get the Cubify Invent software that has all important tools you require. It enables you to upload your prints as well as download from the 3D System’s website. Furthermore, you can use this software to run initial diagnostics and this setup also adjusts the printer heads as well as evens out the print stand. Other components comprise of the USB cable, the power supply and the printing kit that will include 10 digital models.
The CubeX home 3D printer supports Wi-Fi. By navigating through the touch screen, you can configure your home wireless network on it. It remembers your password even if you link it to other wireless networks. With this wireless connection, you can transfer 3D images from your computer. Wired printing option is also available with a USB cable and a port.
You can contact the experts through a toll-free number, who are available for 16 hours a day. You can also email them. This printer has a 90-day warranty which is good because some printers do not offer any kind of warranty at all. Its website has weekly updated blog which is full of useful information regarding 3D printer technology.

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