The Micro 3d printer (kickstarter)

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Touchscreen digital display desktop 3D printer beginning & $2k victimization optical maser primarily based school for top speed prints, 7″x7″x9″ build space, and detail.

Pegasus Touch: following Generation of Desktop client 3D Printing victimization optical maser Technology

As designers and engineers, we’ve found lasers and 3D printers to be wonderful tools. Naturally, we tend to needed to mix the 2 and build a 3D Printer with lasers! because of the wide adpotion of Bluray players, low value close to ultraviolet optical maser diodes which might cure liquid rosin area unit currently without delay out there creating prime quality 3D printers a reality.

Using software/electronics technology developed for our optical maser cutting/engraving product, we’ve formed an inexpensive prime quality optical maser primarily based Stereolithography (SLA) 3D Printer that sets a brand new normal for desktop 3D printing for each maker and maker to be. beginning below $2000 on Kickstarter, Pegasus bit produces far and away the most effective quality 3D printing output for its value.

Come visit US at CES 2014 in city Booth #32027 Gregorian calendar month 7-10, 2014 and see the printer initial hand!

Speed: dominant lasers properly takes years of expertise. Pegasus Touch’s advanced management physical science will pulse its optical maser supply at over 500kHz whereas moving the beam of light at 3000mm/sec because of a similar special FSL period of time optical maser processor employed in $100,000 scanning optical maser systems. quicker optical maser management enable US to tune the rosin to cure a lot of quickly while not sacrificing quality giving up to 10x the speed of FDM printers and 3-5x the speed of alternative SLA printers.

Output Quality: Nearly all current low desktop 3D printers below $3000 use FDM technology however optical maser primarily based SLA technology has set the gold normal for quality since it absolutely was unreal within the Eighties. because of finer management offered by optical maser technology, the end of optical maser primarily based SLA printers is simply higher.

Models are often simply painted like this 5″ face model courtesy of Joel Mongeon ( Click image for full size.

inspect the Spiral stairs within and Compare to the Quarter Text

vista of the mini-rook, inspect the spiral through the entree

The other guys: current client FDM 3D printers area unit unable to print a similar fine details leading to poor results or maybe complete print failure as during this case.

Print volume of up to 7″x7″x9″ means that larger prints and a lot of prints at a similar time for a lot of productivity. Here 25x mini rocks written at once!

Affordability: beginning below $2000, Pegasus bit is that the lowest value assembled SLA printer out there – it’s even more cost-effective than several leading client FDM printers. Pretested, fast, prime quality rosin is out there at solely $100/liter (when purchased in 4L bulk).

Standalone simple Use: alternative low value printers transfer many gigabytes of post processed information from a bound computer. Pegasus bit has associate degree on-board UNIX system laptop which will do a lot of of the 3D process computation on the printer itself. Typical transfer file sizes area unit solely many megabytes thus it ne’er has to be bound to a different laptop.

By putt a full web connected touchscreen laptop right into the printer, FSL3D has been ready to build a 3D Printer App Store right the printer. realize prime quality, pretested models right from the printer itself – no a lot of excavation endlessly or tweaking to search out excellent printable 3D models.

Quick Specs:

• 3D Technology: 405nm scanning galvo optical maser liquid rosin stereolithography

• Build area: up to 7”x7”x9” (177x177x228mm)

• Case Footprint: 11″x14″x22.5″ (280x360x571mm)

• Processor: in-built 1GHz UNIX system laptop with 512MB memory and 4.3” Touchscreen digital display Interfaces: LAN, USB, local area network (requires elective USB dongle)

• On Board Software: in-built on-board web Connected 3D Printer App Store (no laptop required)

• Desktop Software: Tightly integrated multi-touch capable desktop package with automatic slicing and automatic breakaway support generation with manual redaction support for Windows computer (Mac coming back soon)

• Speed: up to 3000mm/sec (10x quicker than most FDM, up to 6x quicker than alternative SLA)

• Focused optical maser Spot Size: ~250 microns

• XY Positioning Resolution: 16bit preciseness, ~3 micron

• Z Motor Resolution: ~5 metric linear unit (typical layer thickness 25-100 micron)

Risks and challenges find out about responsibleness on Kickstarter

Manufacturing hardware product perpetually has its challenges that every one Kickstarter comes face. A optical maser primarily based SLA 3D printer is in addition difficult therein it needs experience in several fields: chemistry, EE, engineering science, and package.

However to reduce these risks FSL3D attracts on a similar engineering and producing expertise from Full Spectrum optical maser. creating hardware isn’t simple however FSL has years of producing expertise and pre-existing provider relationships. Last year on Kickstarter, FSL introduced the 20”x12” 40W/45W Hobby optical maser cutter raising over $259,000. we tend to with success delivered all rewards and shipped thousands of further optical maser orders thus we’ve developed sturdy provider and producing relationships.

FSL3D has engineered many operating prototypes and thousands of prints and is assured we’ve an excellent operating printer however we tend to area unit perpetually operating laborious to boost our product. return visit US at CES Gregorian calendar month 7-10, 2014 Booth #32027 and see the printer and prints for yourself!

The first really shopper 3D printer ought to be implausibly intuitive, simple to have, and seamless by choice.

Thanks to all of our backers and everybody UN agency coated our story because it developed, This has been a fantastic campaign and things square measure simply obtaining started.

If you uncomprehensible the Kickstarter: Pre-order The small 3D Printer at

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…And That’s Why we have a tendency to created The small

It is the foremost reasonable 3D printer that may be used right out of the box. excellent for beginners and specialists alike, simply introduce the printer, transfer or produce models, hit print, and watch your custom creations kind right before your eyes.

The small is meant for everybody

Bring your concepts to life, flip them into businesses, educate, learn, modify merchandise, make toys, build jewellery, begin a syllabus, run a contemporary workshop, and unleash your power. the facility of creation is yours!


A Fantastic 3D Printing expertise

We’ve engineered The small with dependability, consistency, and accessibility in mind. small Motion Technology may be a sensing element and feedback system engineered into the print head, providing auto-leveling and auto-calibration. this suggests that each time you run the printer it works, even once thousands of hours of use! The small isn’t solely a great tool, it makes 3D printing a pleasurable expertise for the every-day person.

Material  Filament choices

You can use PLA or ABS, yet as our small filament spools or commonplace 1.75 metric linear unit filament spools obtainable on the market.

What’s the difference? we have a tendency to created small filament spools in order that folks will print with a lot of materials and colours, by adding $12 to their pledge quantity per spool. These spools work within The small, permitting it to be moveable and seamless. They weigh nearly 1/2 pound (225 g) of.That is enough material to form forty five of the vases from the time-lapse in our video!

The small filament spools square measure fed from within the printer.Or else, you’ll be able to use associate degree external filament access port placed on high of the extruder.


Software choices

3D printer code ought to be as fun and art movement because the printer itself. that is why we’ve designed the M3D code to be as interactive and gratifying as a game, ensuring it’s absolutely touchscreen-capable with a minimalist and simple-to-use interface. It permits you to look and browse uncounted objects on-line, organizing 3D models you’ve got downloaded into a simple to look at library. simply decide a model, drag it into the printer, regulate the model if required, and hit . code should not be a barrier to 3D printing, and it’s our goal to form The small accessible to everyday users.

Advanced users will use the professional settings yet as alternative code like ASCII text file slicers.


Technical Specifications

• Printer Dimensions: it is a cube, 7.3 in (185 mm) per facet.

• It is light-weight, roughly 2.2 pound (1 kg).

• It may be used with any Windows, Mac, or UNIX primarily based system.

• USB-Compatible affiliation.

• Supports many various materials: ABS, PLA, Nylon, and more.

• Filament: commonplace one.75mm. Nearly 1/2 pound (225 g) rolls.

• Standard filament rolls conjointly supported.

• Removable Print Bed.

• 50-350 micrometer layer resolution.

• 15 micrometer X and Y positioning accuracy.

• Dimensions: Print height: 116mm (4.6″). Base Print Area: 109mm x 113mm. Print space on top of 74mm: 91mm x 84mm.

• M3D code for an easy, plug-and-play expertise.

• Supports and uses open supply code (for advanced users).


How Did You produce The Micro?

Starting with a seamless style, the small evolved from 2 years of productive debates between engineers, artists and production specialists. Since everybody was concerned from the start, their vision of the merchandise was absolutely integrated into the ultimate result. This crystal rectifier to fifteen innovations within the field of 3D printing and that we square measure terribly honored to share the results of all that arduous work with you.

But the work does not stop there.We wish your feedback on The small, and facilitate U.S. build a community that may be an area of this exciting project.

15 Innovations

M3D has introduced many inventions within the field of filament-based 3D printing with the introduction of The Micro:

1. Most space-efficient 3D printer ever created.

2. Light-weight, moveable style fits nicely on your table.

3. small motion chip provides utterly automatic leveling and standardization.

4. Most quiet 3D printer ever created.

5. Lowest power consumption 3D printer ever created.

6. Carbon fiber rods: light-weight, sturdy, self-lubricating and lasting

7. Ceramic heater for speedy heat-up, power potency, dependability and safety.

8. daring colours. choose between Silver, Black, Blue, RedOrange, and Green.

9. New filament materials like Chameleon PLA.

10. sacred small filament spools.

11. progressive touch-capable code.

12. exchangeable print beds for different materials.

13. exchangeable nozzles for experimenters.

14. Designed for quick assembly within the U.S. for internal control.

15. associate degree ABS-based print bed permits you to print larger ABS components.


Designed & Assembled within the USA

The small was designed for assembly and production within the USA. we’ll use a mixture of foreign and domestic parts to assemble all of the printers close to our Bethesda, MD location.

Your Backing = Earlier Delivery

We’re prepared for production and really want your support to build up assembly to urge printers to you as early as doable. We’ve been making ready for this stage for over a year by shopping for and testing components from over one hundred makers and talking with lots of a lot of.

By pre-ordering currently you’ll facilitate U.S. reach our last crucial milestone: buying the injection molds that may offer U.S. with high-quality, high-volume 3D printer components we’d like to assemble the foremost reasonable shopper 3D printer ever. In return, you will get one amongst the primary small 3D Printers associate degreed be an early parent of this exciting project. For that we have a tendency to cannot many thanks enough.

What’s enclosed with My Reward?

Besides our eternal feeling, we’ll assemble a small 3D Printer with tutelage within the U.S. and send it to you in conjunction with M3D code, directions manual, USB cable, country-specific power adapter, and one small filament spool. you’ll be able to unpack it, install the code, and print directly – it’s as fast and as easy as that.

Why we’d like You

As so much as we’ve come back, we’ve scarcely damaged the surface of what is doable victimisation this technology. we’d like your facilitate to require it additional, and build The small a reality.

Production Timeline:


The unimaginable M3D Team

Everyone at M3D contains a resolute focus to deliver associate degree surprisingly fun and fulfilling 3D printing expertise for everybody. to urge here has been terribly rewardable, and we’ve fashioned a tremendous team of gems. we’d wish to provides a special because of such a large amount of supporters, motivators, backers, team members, and advisors that helped U.S. get to wherever we have a tendency to square measure thus quickly:


Thanks For Your Support!

Risks and challenges study answerability on Kickstarter

As with any innovative project, we have a tendency to face many key risks and challenges. the first risks include:


We take into account this is often our solely vital risk. Injection molding has terribly massive capital expenses and therefore we will solely secure one manufacturer. additionally, once creating the specification for the seamless frame of The small, we have a tendency to demanded solely the simplest quality surface end. Injection molding is one half science and one half creative improvement. therefore the mildew could take up to four months to provide and ideal. For this reason we’ve got place a good deal of careful coming up with and strategy into the sourcing of our injection shaped components like operating with suppliers in North America to make sure that the long time interval components square measure nighest to U.S..


Before beginning we have a tendency to detected that some comes will encounter surprising hurdles once going from paradigm to production. That’s why we’ve got done such a lot work to check The small with over one hundred makers to make sure that our styles square measure production prepared and designed for each producing and assembly. The last items to be ordered square measure the terribly expensive injection molds for plastic components. To verify these styles we’ve had them CNC’d and 3D written in order that the injection molds square measure as near our prototypes as doable.

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