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3D printing has been one of the latest and most useful inventions of the technology.  3D printers have been around since a decade but they have been large and unwieldy – besides costing the earth. Understandably, they had only been used by manufacturing and designing units that could afford to use them. However, things have changed.

3D printers are now available freely and moreover you can choose the model you want based on the volume and kind of printing you want done. Private 3D printers are available between price ranges of roughly 300$ up to 2000 $ to start with. The price depends on the capacity and the features offered by the 3D printer.

The broad categories of 3D printer models are based on the technology they use for printing. The technology in turn determines the price of the 3d printers for sale.

  1. Basic 3d printers for sale:
    These were the traditional 3D printers that are very similar to their ancestors the 2D inkjet printers. These models still hold the distinction of being able to produce full color images. They work with powder and binding it with glue to produce a 3D effect. The most well-known and popular traditional 3D printer is ZCorp.


  1. FDM 3D printers for sale:
    FDM stands for Fused Deposition Model. This form of 3D printer is able to layer 3D images with the help of plastic filament that is melt and then fused. Currently the FDM 3D printer trademark is owned by Stratasys. FDM printers are a cheaper option of 3D printers and are useful for small businesses and offices.


  1. Stereolithography 3d printers for sale:
    Known for their superior finish and glossy output, this 3D printer model works by running a UV light over a liquid that is possessed of photosensitive properties. This type of 3D printing is able to also produce a high level of detail in its final 3D representations.  This model is particularly suited to areas where high definition printing is required.


  1. SLS 3d printers for sale:
    SLS stands for Selective Laser Sintering. These 3D printers are quite similar to the Stereolithography style ones but they use laser beams instead of UV to produce great 3D images. They also work with a powder base rather than a photosensitive liquid. The best part about SLS 3D printers is that they can work to produce any material in parts from plastic to glass to metal to ceramic.


  1. MCOR 3d printers for sale:
    MCOR 3D printers are also called matrix 3D printers. These printers are expected to offer value for money by cutting down the costs of 3D printing by significant amounts.


In addition to these, there are several cheaper desktop 3D printers available in the market such as Objet or V-flash. With technology now working to reduce 3D printing costs even further, it will not be long until 3D printers for sale  will affordable to anyone who wants one.

With cut-throat competition to win clients and bag a sizable share of the market, businesses require the extra edge that a 3D printer can give them.

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