Velleman K8200 3D Printer Kit

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Afraid that your 3D creations would just stuck on your computers? Are you planning to buy a 3D printer but afraid that it might get damage upon shipment? Why not try a printer kit? In a printer kit, all materials and parts are delivered to you and you are free to assemble it yourself. Sounds fun right?

Yes! Aside from that printer kit, is more affordable and the manual that comes with it is easy to read and use. Parts are properly packed and you could easily recognize the part even when you are using just the manual. Kits are more portable since you could disassemble it and assemble it again at the place you’re going. Or you could just bring it the way it is and still looks so portable since it weigh less.

Software is easy obtainable & it will work with most pc`s  e.g  Salih computers a  PC winkel Den Haag could help.

An example of a 3D printer kit is Velleman K8200. It is a build it yourself kit that could print objects of maximum 20 x 20 x 20 cm that uses PLA or ABS thermoplastic filament. The filament diameter is about 3mm.

Velleman K8200 is extremely fast, reliable, and precise even when printing at higher speeds. Velleman K8200 could help engineers, architectures and even design lovers with great satisfaction since you could fabricate larger parts at a very competitive spec. The resolution is also very well project.

But if still you are not satisfied on the information, you could consult people using the same printer and see for yourself on what they can say about Velleman K2800.

Velleman K2800 promised only gratification on your printing needs Velleman does not warrants replacement in terms of damage parts. Technical support only offers repairs and not replacement on the whole unit.

To avoid such problems, make sure to check the package before opening. Search for sign of damage or signs of ripping on the package. A guide manual must be inside the package together with picture guides, sample pamphlets and etc.

Assembly usually cost time especially when you are just a beginner to using 3D printers but instruction is easy to follow. Instructional comes in different languages so make sure that the instruction material given to you have the language of your option.

In case of spool replacement in case it runs out, there are a lot of spools available in the market like Octave and many other. Make sure to mount the extrusion properly. Set the proper temperature for the desired result. And always keep the product away from children. The unit when in operation heats too hot to balance temperature stability. You must observe safety and precautions when in operation for all the time. To properly mount the whole unit asks for help. Make sure that all parts are attached to the right place.

Use only compatible supplies when replacing an item. A 1.75 mm spool should be replaced by only a 1.75 mm. This is of course to avoid damage and observe uniformity. View shipment ideas and policy for quality assurance and in terms of problem really occur contact the company immediately.

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